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Does 'True Love', Truly exist in France?

On the face of it this would appear to be a self evident question, that deserves no answer for its impudence and obtuse nature. Yet i ask you to think carefully about the nature of Love itself, and that of mere Power, and the abuse of Power.

It is true that Love conquers all, True Love that is, but it is also true that true love knows no bounds, and cannot be chained to the whims and fancy of those whom would wield it as a weapon or devise.

That is not to say that those who are 'In Love' cannot be manipulated so as to act in accordance with the vested interests and personal peccadillo's of the object of their love, or that Passions cannot be heightened by so doing.

These Erotic passions create an artifice of Erotic Connection as some sad proxy to True Love, some simulacrum of sensibility, and it is this, most certainly that is the object of great manipulation, the experts of which find there height within the French Femme.

But is this wielding of power really Love?.....or merely a consequence of fear, a contrivance of a War between the sexes that has raged for millennia, and found in France its heightened feminine pinnacle against the rational sensibility of the masculine mind? For it would seem that as Man manipulates logos in this age long tumult, the French femme conversely manipulates pathos, and along with it Love itself.

Now as it is true that as a dog may be trained to sit before it's master, and salivate but not bite the tasty morsel placed upon it's nose, so it is not true, that the hunger or need that the dog feels is ever obviated, but merely controlled by some alternate contrivance in the manipulation process.

Is True Love to be seen as some tasty Morsel, placed upon the nose?...can it really be the case that those self same innocents,are to be trained by their masters to learn that, only by doing there masters bidding is love to be given as reward?...How can True Love ever endure such gross manipulation and abuse of power? ...for all that truly remains is the Pavlovian paired association between the bell and the food, but the food has become a rotten corpse withering in the gross manipulation of its innocence.

No!, True love exists in the hearts of the Romantic and Authentic, the sincere evocation of two open souls that touch tremulously and enter into a union divine, each selflessly offering up the sacrifice of hope, to take that leap of faith, surrendering themselves to the evocation of a Mutual Love. it can never exist where one partner, withdraws and attempts to manipulate the other into acts and fancies that titillate their inner desires. It becomes a corruption of the soul, a denial of all that True Love intrinsically stands for, and moves from the highest virtue to the basest vice in a single moment.

A fashioned Love is barely Love at all, and if it did exist at one time, it now was doomed to fall. As we observed in the previous article, the manipulative Torture, for torture is what it most definitely is, by those who would use the devise of Romantic Love as their instrument of torture as opposed to say a rusty scalpel or a Dentist's steel spike!, is simply a socially contrived outrage, that seeks to control, manipulate and deceive by way of a 'Hidden' Process of physiological viciousness, the like of which is akin to the worst atrocities of barbaric torturers that history has ever contrived to create. The French the master Torquemada in this bastardization of manipulation, masquerading as 'Romantic Love'.

The French Femme has considered this manipulation of Love, this wielding of divine Power to be her birthright, her shield, armour and cutting edge in the battle between the sexes. In so doing she has debased True Love in favour of a fashioned simulacrum of love, easily manipulated and equally easily controlled and maintained.

Yet this is not Love, this is merely Power. A Machiavellian Realpolitik of the emotions. A form of manipulation and control. All those who fall within this sphere of influence may be beguiled, and fooled into believing that they are in love, but in fact what has occurred is that they are simply being out gunned in an area of emotive development they can neither fathom nor forgo. The hook being firmly embedded in the cheek, by this skillful sports fisher-woman.

Of course there will be those that insist lovers can be led around like Bulls by the nose, when a ring is put in place, and of course it may well be that a one way love of sorts exists for the poor soul who finds themselves bound to such a cynic. But this is not a mutually coextensive Love, a True Love between equals, it is but once again a Power play, used to the advantage of the loveless avarice of a deceptive and malicious manipulator.

How can Love exist within a culture, where women are taught and schooled in the artful manipulation of men, through the medium of pathos and emotion?...where this very manipulation goes to the heart of the culture as a whole, and is celebrated as a national identity?...when this very manipulation is a death note to the authentic and sincere expression of the innocence of True Love. Where this socially condoned manipulation is the death of poets, and those with artistic and empathic sensibilities; the death of lovers; and the death of innocence and authenticity.....and the medium of that death is a contrived and socially convened form of clandestine Torture.

It cannot be.

Is it not time for the French femme to lay aside her arms, and take up the fragile banner of honesty and Mutual Passion, and set aside the impassioned manipulation of an age long struggle, in the same way as the French man has had to embrace the pathos of the heroine in his struggle for an authentic totality of being.

For in this war, as in all wars, the only real victims are the innocent, and none was ever so innocent as true love.

The fear of course for the French Femme is that passion will be lost in a watered down concoction, but this emancipation, and liberation of Love will not amount to any loss of passion, if anything it will redouble, for finally there will be an equal music in the rhapsody of two authentic lovers embellishing one another in innocent surrender. Allowing True Love itself to grow to ever greater heights free from the fettered manipulations of an emotive Realpolitik.

I began this piece by asking the question "Does 'True Love', Truly exist in France"?...In truth, i am sure it does, undoubtedly so, and of course 'True Love' will always find a way no matter where it finds its expression, but as a national identity, surely it is time to liberate France from a manipulated Love, embracing the equal humanity that comes from an authentic and sincere balance of power, and allow 'True Love' to express itself freely in France once again.

En matière d'amour, de liberté, egality, l'humanité

© Richard Michael Parker 2009

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