Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Love is a Gift

'Love Is A Gift' is the first volume of poetry by the renowned poet Richard Michael Parker. He has been a voice for many years on the internet, and his particular artistic gifts have been noted with such collaborative works with well known artists around the world, such as Leonid Afremov, Carola E. Thiele, and Lorraine Sumners, to name but a few. This eagerly awaited volume of poetry is accompanied by 28 sumptuous digital artworks, created specifically for this book. The artwork is of a singular subject, taken over a period of three years, in various conditions and weathers and is indicative of the changeable nature of love, where the aspect may change but not the essence.

'Love is a gift, unwrapped in the giving, a revelation without demand, a sweet intoxication of the spirit, infused with the perfume of its tenderness.' - Richard Michael Parker

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