Friday, 18 June 2010

A Patchwork Heart

I was reminded again how deeply i feel these scars. From time to time someone or something comes along and touches the very heart of you, they get deep inside of you, and rub there hands along the contours of your heart. Maybe its even an animal, a pet, whose paw gently strokes the scars around my heart, And i seem to have so very many. Mostly though for me, it is in Love i feel these scars the most.

These scars started early for me, and i wondered if these wounds would ever heal, gaping wounds that seemed to bleed for ever in my childhood. The victim of extreme abuse, the witness of even worse abuse, and always the scars that they left behind closed doors, unavailable for viewing by the general public.

Being a cripple comes in many forms, and guises. For some it is having no hands, or no arms, no legs or the impairment of movement or some functionality, for me it came not as a bodily dysfunction, but as an emotive one, for my crippling dysfunction was a damaged and patchwork heart.

Of course as anyone who has suffered a dysfunction of any sort will tell you, you either give up or find a way to accommodate it, even celebrate it.Sadly in the case of emotive dysfunction it is an ailment that is difficult to see, and because of this it becomes a forbidden subject. In the same way that some one with a physical disability might notice others shying away from attending to their disability or dysfunction because it makes them feel uncomfortable, so too those with emotional disabilities notice how others react whenever their particular dysfunction becomes apparent.

For men it is a double whammy, as the reality, for good or ill, is that emotive men in western society are perceived with suspicion and distrust, and forced into the box of either being sexually different, or unstable. The reasons for this are probably more to do with the testosterone fueled physical presence of a man, and the need, apparently, to keep in check the emotive passions, so as to demonstrate 'control'. For emotively unstable men are seen as hazards, and of course this can be a very real possibility.

There is also the discomfort that many feel when seeing a grown man cry or emote passionately, it can be very disturbing to see a grown man grow powerfully angry, or weep, often because of a fear for ones own personal safety. So for numerous reasons, Men are kept very much in check emotively unless they are 'effeminate' emotions. The province of the emotions becomes almost an exclusively feminine concern.So what then for those of us who are left emotionally crippled? what then for the powerful heterosexual men who seek to overcome years of formative abuse?

The fact is that the kinds of emotive wounds that are left on a persons heart, whether they be man or woman are often deeply personal and emotionally sensitive. These emotions are not disconnected to the physical nature of a person. In the same way as a deep scar left on your body is sensitive when you run your fingers over it. Maybe it is even uncomfortable because nerves that would in any normal person be distributed subcutaneously, and properly placed, are connected to disparate area's. Further, these scars on the heart may evoke unpleasant memories, or lay too near the surface as the wound has healed, and therefore are sensitive in ways that others may not be. I have learn't to be honest and sincere about these things, and it has enriched my life to do so.

Non effeminate men, are left not only with the work to do to heal those wounds, often with little assistance from an unsympathetic or just plainly ignorant social circumstance, But are further asked to carry the stigma and burden that is accompanied by, not only the dysfunction itself, (which by its nature is 'hidden' or secret) , but also the distrust of others towards powerful emotive men in general. It is a two edged sword, and cuts even further into a heart that is already wounded.

In my case i have had to do 30 years of emotional work in order to heal those wounds. I have what i refer to as a patchwork heart, sown together, and with what sometimes seems as though is made up more of scar tissue than heart. Yet it is functional :)...

The work i have done in putting it back together, is my finest work, and that which i am most proud of without a single shadow of a doubt. For the most part, it has gone unheralded, unnoticed by the public. You see, unlike a physical injury, or disability, it manifests in ways that merely echo to the eye, and you have to be trained, or be sensitive, in order to see it in others. The comparison to healing myself emotionally over those 30 years, and healing myself physically over 7 years after a bad motorcycle accident, is like Everest to a gentle stroll up a local hillside.

Each scar set down leaves its mark. No more so than in the province of Love. It is here i have had to do my hardest and most searing work.It is here also where the deepest scars are set. It is here too, sadly, where my greatest dysfunctions exist.

For i will always be emotionally sensitive, if only because the scars that have been left are so numerous and deep set, that when they are touched they have an effect that is not as it would be for a normal and whole heart person. A patchwork heart, functions differently, As difficult as it is to admit. For every heart wishes to be whole, so as to share itself with other hearts of the same kind. In the admission that this patchwork heart is somehow different, comes the liberation from having to fulfill unrealistic expectations of oneself and of others. In the same way a paraplegic sprinter is freed from having to compete with able bodied sprinters at the Olympics.

I would not say that i have never wallowed in self pity, for i most certainly have had my moments, but never for long, for it is not in me to wallow for long, in that dry and barren wasteland. I am too much of a fighter to do that for long without seeking an alternative or solution, being more inclined to be a fixer...which of course has its own problems. Although of course at times when those scars are touched and my heart is at issue, the emotive sensitivities and sensibilities are such that they express themselves sometimes in a peculiar manner, not dangerous or violent, for i have long left those inappropriate behaviors behind, but emotionally peculiar and intense moments, deeply personal and quite unique...for the uninitiated in the peculiarities of all things Richard, this can be disturbing, and i recognize that, and feel it deeply.

No more so than when i am in love, for i am a passionate and emotional man. This alone would of course be disturbing enough for most people, especially in our western society, but married with the peculiar sensitivities that are associated with the scars on this Patchwork Heart, makes the evocation of the peculiar emotional expressions disorienting and unintelligible for many people. Sadly this precludes me from having almost all intimate loving associations with more normal, and less dysfunctional people, but not all of course.

It does take patience, kindness, and sensitivity in my partners to understand me, but i have learn't that with honesty and integrity loving bonds can be blessed with great happiness, and i have found the joy of shared love with special and significant partners over the years. Years that have made all the emotional work well worth the effort. I also have unique gifts, born from those memories and scars, that richly embellish any loving relationship i enter, and i have learn't to celebrate those greatly also, as have those who have taken the time to get to know me.

Those who have taken the time to get to know me, would realize that, A powerful heterosexual man, who bears his passions and emotions in the full knowledge of the scars on his heart, can be a tender gift. He does not have to be a danger!, if he has done the work to incorporate those emotions into a fully functioning psyche...this is the work i have been doing for 30 years, and i make no apology for being emotional to anyone.

Anger does not mean violence, Sorrow does not mean morbidity, self consciousness does not mean self other words, one can safely feel emotions, even if one is scared, and not express those emotions in a negative or destructive manner...the expression is a 'CHOICE'...and this was of course a great realization for me many years ago, that the 'behavior' was adaptive and influenced by personal intention. Yet still the world lags behind, and the distrust for emotive men continues, and even further the greater distrust for emotionally scared men who emote.

So when i weep at funerals, or when some beautiful moment touches me deeply and i express myself with joy or tears, I do so with a full heart, a Patchwork heart for sure, but one, that although carries many scars, has no gaping wounds and does not leek but through the full and open and unapologetic expression of a passionate and emotionally sensitive, fully incorporated psyche.

I may not run at the Emotional Olympics, but i am whole...and it has taken me a lifetime of unremitting and often searingly painful work to get to this place, where i may marry this Patchwork heart with a Mind and Soul that does not shy away from showing either the scars or the heart, or the passions and thoughts that flow through them.

For those that wish to take the time to get to know me, they might just be pleasantly surprised, i may not be as others are, or how others wish me to be, how could i be...but i am authentic and sincerely me, and i am whole, and exist, even with this Patchwork heart, with complete integrity.

© Richard Michael Parker 2008

Thursday, 17 June 2010

On Machiavelli, Romance, Love, and the desolation of hope

(Dusk and Dawn, and Lorenzo De Medici by Michelangelo, Crypt of the Basilica of San Lorenzo, Florence)

Niccolò di Bernardo dei Machiavelli was an Italian renaissance Philosopher and Court Politician in the Florentine republic of the late 15th and early 16th centuries. He was highly schooled and became a wily and pragmatic, if not ruthless military tactician. He was however at heart a devout man of the people, and his hand in the ejection from Florence of the Medici family (*), was in measure driven by his belief that the people deserved a firm but fair hand in the execution of the affairs of state.

His name of course has become synonymous with a REALPOLITIK, or the ruthless and pragmatic approach to the rule of law. Ever the reasoned pragmatist, there was no Romantic inclination in his breast for the wanton desires of a ruling elite. This pragmatic and politically 'realist' approach to all affairs of human endeavour, is born out most perniciously in his most remembered work "The Prince", distributed in his own life to only a few of his closest friends, but of course has now become his quintessential opus.

It is somewhat not surprising that in his lifetime his only publicly available publication was "the art of war", in this he enjoys a camaraderie of sorts with the great Taoist general of the spring and autumn period Sun Tzu, albeit not in the same league philosophically or militarily.

Within his writings there is great power. A pragmatic ruthlessness that any robot would be proud to call his own. The subjugation of ethos and pathos to the pragmatic and efficacious elevation of the functionally required. Without doubt, this approach to politics can be radically and ruthlessly efficient. All that must be sacrificed in order to adopt such a policy, is the Romantic, and in so doing, sow the seeds of the desolation of hope.

Hope is a seed, planted in the present and nurtured for a future not yet realized. It is an imaginary ideal, that fosters the great confluence of all that we are as human beings. Our dreams, wishes, desires, emotional proclivities married to the realistic understanding of present circumstance and the confines of the pragmatic parameters of a realized existence. It is a going beyond, a reaching for that which does not as yet exist. It is a transcendent possibility, that exists only because we dare it to.

In this regard Hope transcends the present. Breaking the shackles of a pernicious realism bound within the confines of a realistic present. Machiavelli's great Power was the realization that the manipulated artifice of 'what is' will always have greater impact upon the present than the Romantic ideal that appeals to some 'other' future, not yet realized.

The appeal then for the Romantic is purely in the transcendent, the breaking away from the present into some as yet hopeful but unrealized future. Both have there power, both appeal to a different approach to life. But it appears that both preclude each-other. For one is a transcendent, ever hopeful process of growth, the other a frantic and constricting decomposition upon the present. Which approach one chooses to employ in ones life will for the most part depend on whether one is content with ones lot.

Little girls are ever the Romantics, always looking to the far horizon for some unrealized truth or possibility. Little boys are ever the Pragmatists, always existing in the present so as to maximize there personal power and with it the control of there environment. One is a constriction the other an evocation. True power however comes in the understanding of the balance between these two competing principles, not as Machiavelli, nor the Romantics , would have us believe in the exercise of one over and against the other.

How one employs these two and personally decides the midpoint in the fluctuating and dynamic balance, often depends on the circumstance one finds oneself in. If one is content with ones lot, then where is there room for Romance?.....or indeed HOPE, for to be content with ones lot, is to be in a place from which one does not wish to leave, and thus the employment of a Machiavellian realpolitik is the predominant spirit. Conversely if one is discontent with ones lot, then an Appeal to a more Romantic sensibility is likely to ensue, as it is by its very nature Transcendent and appeals to the possibility of Hope and change for an as yet unrealized future.

Both of these choices are imbalanced and blinkered, however, for although they employ a measure of control in ones life, and place the hand upon the tiller, yet they deny the wind itself. For what defines us as Human beings is not control, but often who and how we are when we are beyond control. When the measure of our lives is taken beyond the ability for our senses and sensibilities to predict and control, what we do in such moments defines us as human beings.

What does one do when faced by the gust of Love?...that great Tempest that carries some between the Scylla and Charybdis, whilst smashing others upon sirenic rocks. Does one surrender to hope and the romance, or constrict and adopt a pragmatic and Machiavellian approach?.....certainly the inclinations for either will be born of the circumstance one finds oneself in. Yet, in the end....what choice is there in a storm?, but to ride it out, and Hope that you survive. For there are powers that are so great that no amount of Realpolitik, nor Romantic Idealism can fathom or control.

So in conclusion, let me recap. We have seen the competing themes of Romantic Idealism and Pragmatic Realism, as a polemic of a countenanced Balance, which affords personal power only in the recognition of the balance of both depending on personal circumstance, desire and want.

Yet, we have taken note that this fool-hardy and arrogant assumption, that in the adoption of either of these positions, or a concoction of both, we are somehow immune to the machinations of powers beyond our control, as was evidenced by the example of Love, (and further that a clinging to the misguided belief that in the execution of some personal balance of these two polemical principles, one is able to chart some safe course), is to risk through pride and haughtiness of spirit our very humanity in the face of powers and times beyond our very control.

What can best be said at such times is that we remain open and humble in the face of these powers, retaining all humanity and possibility in an authentic and sincere manner so that in calmer waters we might once again regain the composure of our own personal tiller, and avoid the crushing rocks of the desolation of Hope.


(*) As a quick addendum, i wanted to say how greatly i admire much of what the Medici family have done, and what they stood for, both in Florence, and through out Europe. They were magnificent patrons of the arts, at a burgeoning moment in time, when art and thought could well have been plunged back into another dark age, they stood as beacons for the enlightenment of humanity at the forefront of the Renaissance. They will always live within my heart, and i will never forget the assistance they offered me in a time of great need in Barberino Val d'Elsa. It will never be forgotten. The disturbing of the bones in the Crypt of the Basilica of San Lorenzo, was also somewhat disturbing for me, and will also, not be forgotten.

© Richard Michael Parker 2009

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Le Difference

I was wondering recently what the difference was between the academic writer, or the writer for pure information flow, such as a Journalist or a business consultant and the creative writers. Having been a bit of both in my time, i would have to say that Academic prose is regimented in a way that the flow of creative writing is not.

Form follows function in an Academic critique. It is almost computer like in its style....attempting to disseminate and inculcate the raw logistics of a situation or formulaic juxtaposition. Logos predominates in such a manner that pathos is all but eradicated from the work. No room for the subjective observer's quaint adjectives.

Short, terse, sentences. Created for nothing but pure information flow. Information that is grounded not in the perception of the observer, but in either of the extremes of pure fact, or meta-objectivity. It is true that at the higher end academic work, creative genius is encouraged, within the strictures formulated and set down in principle by the institutions themselves. Yet A Rousseau or Kierkegaardian approach would most certainly find itself ostracized and marginalized within today's academia, such has been the thorough and almost complete coup d’état of the Scientific method.

This Bleeding out of Philosophy's bastard child, back into almost every arena of the academic institutions has begun to threaten even those avenues of opinion beyond the ivory towers themselves. Journalists, once the harbingers of a subjective, opinionated truth, taken in measure by a balance of Logos, Ethos, and Pathos in varying concoctions are now forced into two bi-polar camps. Either it seems they are the drudge of learned scholastics, or they are the self styled sensationalists, eager to reap the benefits of a capricious capitalist public over and above any Logical necessity. In short they are either Scientists or absurdest opportunists. There are of course exceptions to this, but they are becoming increasingly few and far between. No longer the De Rigour of the Journal writer, they are the marginalized Pathos addicts....the Qualia freaks of the written word.

Pathos it seems has been sacrificed upon the alter of mass minded mendacity, with the high priest Logos wielding the dagger of a collective ethos, eager to cut out its heart.

The creative visionary however, in the form of the word-smith, despite having to battle these very same forces in the form of in-house publicist style....appears to be the last bastion of the profundity against this Wittgensteinian transcendental Logos.

For without the pathos and subjectivity of the personal observer, the creative genius of the artistic visionary is lost...and with it so to the perpetuation of life within society itself. For what is a society without creative vision , but dying!.....without the possibility of transcendent expression, all that is possible is that which exists within the confines of logos perceived and understood as it stands. A limited, finitely adaptable perceptually stagnant pool of human experience. No longer a steam flowing into an endless sea, but a damned and stagnant pool, doomed to wither and evaporate into a wasteland of regurgitated ideas and perceptions.

The creative writers trick, is to FEEL, the words that are written, not just cerebralize them, not just balance them against other competing agencies in a moralistic ethical equation. But to Internalize them , swim between the meanings of the rhythm, rhyme, and dance upon the head of the syllogistic pin, and prick the consciousness into a transcendent moment of enlightenment, that leaps beyond the drab monotony of a gradual evolution and enters a brand new shell of certainty through some moment of enlightened punctuated equilibrium.

Without Pathos, vision is blind....let us hope that the blindfold is removed from this stultifying scientific Exegesis, at least in so far as the mass opinion of worthy journalists are concerned. In the meantime, let those that feel what they write not sacrifice themselves upon the same alter of expediency or economic necessity, that has taken so many of its kindred spirits.

© Richard Michael Parker 2009

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

-Justified Infanticide-

-Justified Infanticide-

Forgotten how to write!
no poetry left in me tonight
no food in my belly, either
just bombs on the telly
and sycophantic sacks of jelly
that wobble through the entertainment
while we maim the kids with bullets we sent
or some sucker, pushing a button
paid by some fucker, at Halliburton.
but its ok!, as we suck in the tube
forget the carnage, in favour of boobs
cause they titillate the senses
and keep you occupied
while distracting your defences
so all the liars can do what they want
leaving the bill, while the money they flaunt
and all it cost was your democracy
innocence lost due to apathy.
So I've forgotten how to write
no pretty words left in me tonight
whilst we justify the death-toll
as you stuff another jelly roll
into that corpulent abyss
that's never filled but always remiss
and we pretend that we do it for love
buts its fear that we sow from above
and all the while we try to justify,
the bombs, and bits of bodies that fly,
into the misery of innocence lost
the wicked souls aren't counting the cost
they just don't give a shit
its just another massive economic hit
and all the while your watchin your telly
mesmerized as your stuffing your belly
justified infanticide
hows that make you feel inside?

© Richard Michael Parker 2010

Monday, 14 June 2010

Mauvaise Foi

I wish to briefly outline by way of topical example, and a brief philosophical sketch what i consider Bad Faith. I do not wish to spend too long on this issue, as i believe that enough is known and demonstrated everyday about it, and i would rather focus my energies on more positive contributions to Human Endeavor and existence than giving the notion of Bad faith, and those who practice it, even more press. It is however worth a mention, mostly because it contrasts so sharply with those who seek to enlighten in Good Faith, and are hampered by those that would use similar principles by way of obscurantism, in Bad Faith, so as to subvert a positive constructive and beneficent process, for their own ends.

Now by using the term 'Bad Faith' (mauvaise foi), i did not want to evoke the criticism of the Existentialists, and Jean Paul Sartre in particular, for that is an ambiguous question of sincerity and authenticity in the light of ones actual awareness of choice, and although it has some bearing on what i wanted to say in relation to the question it is a somewhat different proposition, propounded by a philosophical discourse that alludes to a prior state of being, that encompasses a disingenuous actor in an inauthentic action, in which that actor appears to avoid or more probably 'obscure' the truth of their failure to take personal responsibility, for various disingenuous reasons. These avoidance procedures are often enacted semi consciously, but are more notably, unconscious habitual behaviourism.

Neither do i wish to confuse the Terms Good Faith and Bad Faith, with the idea of Truth, as although they are two roads, one that lead towards, and conversely away from Truth, respectively, they are not to be confused with Truth itself, and that is not the object of this brief discussion. Rather, it is how one arrives at, or departs from Truth, that is the question at hand.

The angle i wish to discuss the notion of 'Bad Faith' from, is that of the 'post enlightenment' of the individual, fully authentically aware of their position in the world, and their personal existential beingness as an empowered being. A being making fully functioning choices grounded in the essence of their own enlightenment. The kind of Bad faith that Sartre envisaged was almost a caricature of this post enlightened being, who neither abdicates the will in an act of purposive surrender, nor blinds it, in the face of the enormity of its preponderance.

No, the kind of Bad faith i have in mind is not one born of the timid or the meek, the disingenuous or the unenlightened, it is rather, that which is formed by purposive acts of the fully informed and authentic will, moving in a fully accountable and manipulative manner to coerce a paradigm to its willful advantage.

Historically we may see such acts in the extreme behavior of such notable sociopathic hedonists as say the Marquis de Sade, for example, who used privilege, position, intellect and education, to satiate willful personal desires in a headlong libertine promulgation of personal vice, using each and every person as an object, devoid of the empathic recognition of social intercourse, so as to twist truth upon the head of personal desire, for personal gain,and then to compound this position by eloquent discourse so as to justify by way of contorted and fallacious syllogism's, what were simply unbridled and avaricious acts of rampant egoism. The fact that these egoistic desires found their expression in the acts of egoistic malice and sensuality, are a mere coincidence of historical accident allied with the personal peccadillo's of the egoistic construct to be found within the protagonist himself.

Of course certain insights gained by Sade, have peeked the curiosity of generations, most notably because of his appeal to libertine sexuality, and the over riding interest in freedom within both politics, art, and personal development. But the manner in which these insights were gleaned, barely suffers a mention, the sadistic manner of his usury, the drugging of his 'victims' , imprisonment of the objects of his desire, and the Brutal and often malicious execution of his desires, give rise to certain ethical considerations that more balanced individuals might consider with rather more weight than those who are attracted by the supposed intellectual insights that these acts occasioned.

I am Sure Josef Mengele's twin studies, and his various 'scientific' work at Auschwitz, garnered all manner of interesting insights into the human condition, like for instance how long it would take a live human body to get 1st, 2nd,and 3rd degree burns if you placed live humans into a large oven and slowly cooked them, or how much force it actually took to crack a live human skull. All that would be required in such a circumstance was the objectification of the 'other', the usury of the 'other' as 'object', failing to identify them as a subject in favour of a world view that degraded every subject into a thing or object. An Objectification that sought to satisfy the curiosity, desire, or personal peccadillo of the protagonist who occasioned the circumstance in which personal interest was satiated, and of course, a ruthless disregard for any interpersonal ethic that encompassed the notion of empathy or compassion. Not to mention a fairly hefty dose of psychopathy.

Now of course these are extreme historical examples of individuals, and individuals functioning within systems, that act in a way so as to enjoy the objects of their own desires, whatever those desires may be, in which the individuals are aware both of what they are doing in an authentic and sincere manner and are not fettered by the limitations to appeals of either a conjoined ethic, empathy, or transverse rights of mutual consent. All are consigned to the medium of object, the 'other', which one has either no access to, or concern for, on a personal basis. Lying as they do outside the direct state of being of the that every subject becomes an object to use and be used.

The historical extremity of these positions however should not hide the fact that the adoption of this personal world view is at the heart of what i wish to discuss here, Bad Faith.

The best way to approach this i think is by way of topical example. Recently the Debate has raged in The United States of America in relation to proposed plans to adjust the social embarrassment of having a GDP of over 14 trillion dollars a year, but not being able to provide health Care for 20% of there population, whist leaving another 10-20% so crippled by soaring Health premiums from avaricious health care insurers and providers that it was difficult to meet other social,familial and financial demands. Barack Obama took the torch from other great champions of universal health care, who have through out the history of America sought to provide social services in keeping with the epithets and principles upon which that sovereign nation was founded.

The disinformation being propagated by the propaganda arm of the fiscal elite in America, namely the right wing press, and its somewhat oxy-moronically entitled Fox 'News channel', has descended into the farcical, and is an exemplar par excellence of the disingenuous Bad Faith that has hitherto been mentioned. It is not just that opinion is being propagated that runs contrary to the facts, but how that is being done that is so blatantly outrageous. The 'Nazi' theme that has been leveled at Obama, in the wake of his proposal that Americans in the lowest socio- economic sector's should be given an 'Option' to enjoin in an affordable scheme that covers all Americans from the ravages of misery and suffering at the hands of illness and disease, is so far from the reality of fact as to be diametrically opposed to it.

The Propaganda arm of the Far right fiscal elite in America, who seek by their own admission, the very demise of the Federal government, so that the Interests of Corporate elites can ravage unattended and without legislative fetter to procure as great a wealth in capital as they can manage, have been hard at work. Whipping up a tide of hostile intent, reminiscent of the propaganda that preceded the same 'news' networks vilifications before the failed Coup D'etat in Venezuela against Hugo Chavez. Why would a news network, who are supposedly sworn to inculcate the masses with impartial fact on a programme dedicated to the dissemination of those facts seek to dupe so many people. The answer to this question is simply in the title of this brief work, because they are acting in Bad Faith, where bad faith seeks to use others as objects to be coerced, manipulated, duped, and deceived so as to manifest the outcome desired by the interests of Powerful elites.

There is a simple test in such circumstances, where one is asked to make a choice between competing opinions. Look at who is trying to convince you of what. What do they seek to gain by such actions. Who are they and who do they represent.

In the case of Barrack Obama, it is hardly the case that he is seeking any benefit 'what so ever' in relation to setting up a Public owned and Public Run health Care option, that does not seek to replace the market, but merely seeks to enter it so as to make it accountable and fair to the demands of the citizenry. NO personal Benefit, nor private benefit is to be accrued by either himself or any of the subsequent health providers associated with this scheme, outside of a general citizen wide altruistic benefit for universal health care coverage.

Can this be said of the Neo-Con brigade, with their various arms of fighters and mechanisms, functioning to distract, coerce, dupe and deceive as best they can?...certainly not, for at present they sit atop a pile of money and goods that are likely to be less certain now that they are to be forced to cater to the actual needs of the people they purport to represent in the health sector. This accountability procedure is at the heart of what they find so distasteful. For when responsibility becomes accountable, the reasonable nature of it is tested upon its true mettle. In this regard, the lapses within the outrageous health care system, as they have existed for so long within America, are finally to be exposed and made accountable. Many of these vested interests are either going to have to adjust their agenda's or find they are simply unable to compete. This of course is an outrage for these powerful fiscal elites who have had things far too good for far too long.

Is it any wonder then that the debate has not been enjoined for the truth of the circumstance in Good Faith, but rather has descended into a deceitful diatribe of innuendo and pure malice reminiscent of those who employ such tactics in the spirit of Bad Faith. For Bad Faith never fairs well in the light of truth, and it is with this knowledge that those who have acquired vast sums of money fight their war. They cannot fight and win in the light of truth, for to do so would mean that they would have to cede that they consider every person as an 'object' to be coerced and manipulated for their own avaricious ends, they consider 'others' to be expendable, and these 'others' suffering to be a mere inconvenience or even a necessary evil so as to meet the requirements of their self justified ends, and in these more educated and enlightened days, the truth of that fact would simply be too great a burden to carry the day. So rather than enjoin the debate with sincerity,honesty,and authenticity, the dark arts of manipulative coercion are employed through out the mechanism's available to those that seek to protect their vested interests over and above those expendable 'others' who are the mere vehicles upon which the elite procure their ends.

Who Owns Fox News?....who Benefits from the Insurance system as it stands today?....what are they Protecting?, and how much do they stand to Lose?, with the implementation of a Fair and equitable system that ensures No child, No person, No citizen has to suffer the misery of No health care within the confines of the Richest Country on the Planet. These are the questions that should be asked, and answered in the Minds of the Voting electorate, rather than trumped up charges of 'Nazism'.

Now it is true that the previous administration had much in Common with Nazi tactics, and in fact the Propaganda war that rages at present is in some ways similar to those employed by Josef Goebbels so successfully in the dark years before the second world war, and it is also true that the last presidents own grandfather was imprisoned for having been a Nazi Collaborator and war profiteer, so why should we be surprised that the same people who enjoyed such protected prosperity for so long would be employing such tactics as their Faith Demands of them. Such are the demands of those who exist within a world view that objectifies all things, including people, animals, and the entire ecosystem in which each subject exists. The above example is reasonably topical, but the principle is not temporally specific, so expect more of the same would be my advise. For until the Truth of their Bad Faith is exposed for what it is, the obscurantism will continue unabated as a mere contrivance of the perpetual state of warfare, both personal and interpersonal, that those who hold such a world view must adhere to as a consequence of holding that specific world view. It is not a choice, it is a consequence.

Now i started this note with reference to the nature of Bad Faith, and have shown a couple of examples of how this Bad faith manifests itself in corrupted rational, masquerading as some other principle. How one gets beneath the mask, and uncovers the reality of that Faith is possibly a more pertinent question, but it is sure that in order to do so one must be aware of all the tactics and tricks, dupes and deceits that are likely to be employed by those that seek to protect their position in spite of truth. In the light of those that have followed a path of Bad faith, so as to maximize their own benefit against the benefit of other competing interests, one can say only this, once the truth of their own self interest is exposed for what it is, any disguise of social concern is simply eroded and eradicated.

Cui Bono!....who benefits, is the question that should be at the forefront of any decision making process when confronted with differing accounts of the truth. From there it is easy to unmask the deception, and adjudicate the outcome or course one wishes to take in Light of the fullest truth that is available at any particular time.

For Enlightenment, Authenticity and Sincerity, are not the end of the story when it comes to the question of Faith, as is evidenced by the aforementioned debate. These vested interests employ procedures and coercions fully in tune with the faith they employ. As can be seen, the Bad Faith they have chosen as their personal standard, has been chosen with intent and within the fullness of a decision making processes that is neither obscured nor stunted in its understanding or execution. Far from it, it is because of the awareness of social circumstance that such coercive devises have been employed so as to garner the desired results of vested interests who will do almost anything to avoid the light of Truth and the path of Good faith to become the central themes in this or other debates. The trick for those who walk the path of Good Faith must be to centralize the debate in light of that truth, so that those who seek by means of Bad Faith to dissuade, deflect and deceive the opinions of others fail in their personal endeavor to supplant the wishes and needs of others over and above the greed's of the selfish few, no matter how few that may be.

So in Conclusion, What can be said of Bad faith, other than it is a fully authentic devise, enjoined with full intent, by sincere and aware individuals, culpable of making reasonable choices in light of all competing interests, who have opted for a selfish path of rampant egoism, out of balance with any other competing interest. The fully authenticated choice to pander to personal interests does not necessarily have to be made in Bad Faith, but 'Bad Faith' is employed by those that seek to HIDE this choice, in light of the facts, and other competing choices, so as to maximize the advantage they have over and above 'others' they consider either superfluous or as mere means to their own self interested ends, with no consideration for those 'others'.

The devises of the obscurantist are innumerable, and although it would be of interest to go through a few of them, it is enough to point out that no liar or obscurantist can suffer the direct and simple exposure of their own self interest for long, without losing their fabricated veracity in the light of truth, and that transparency is one of the finest vehicles for exposing the Person of 'Bad Faith'.

© Richard Michael Parker 2009

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Does 'True Love', Truly exist in France?

On the face of it this would appear to be a self evident question, that deserves no answer for its impudence and obtuse nature. Yet i ask you to think carefully about the nature of Love itself, and that of mere Power, and the abuse of Power.

It is true that Love conquers all, True Love that is, but it is also true that true love knows no bounds, and cannot be chained to the whims and fancy of those whom would wield it as a weapon or devise.

That is not to say that those who are 'In Love' cannot be manipulated so as to act in accordance with the vested interests and personal peccadillo's of the object of their love, or that Passions cannot be heightened by so doing.

These Erotic passions create an artifice of Erotic Connection as some sad proxy to True Love, some simulacrum of sensibility, and it is this, most certainly that is the object of great manipulation, the experts of which find there height within the French Femme.

But is this wielding of power really Love?.....or merely a consequence of fear, a contrivance of a War between the sexes that has raged for millennia, and found in France its heightened feminine pinnacle against the rational sensibility of the masculine mind? For it would seem that as Man manipulates logos in this age long tumult, the French femme conversely manipulates pathos, and along with it Love itself.

Now as it is true that as a dog may be trained to sit before it's master, and salivate but not bite the tasty morsel placed upon it's nose, so it is not true, that the hunger or need that the dog feels is ever obviated, but merely controlled by some alternate contrivance in the manipulation process.

Is True Love to be seen as some tasty Morsel, placed upon the nose?...can it really be the case that those self same innocents,are to be trained by their masters to learn that, only by doing there masters bidding is love to be given as reward?...How can True Love ever endure such gross manipulation and abuse of power? ...for all that truly remains is the Pavlovian paired association between the bell and the food, but the food has become a rotten corpse withering in the gross manipulation of its innocence.

No!, True love exists in the hearts of the Romantic and Authentic, the sincere evocation of two open souls that touch tremulously and enter into a union divine, each selflessly offering up the sacrifice of hope, to take that leap of faith, surrendering themselves to the evocation of a Mutual Love. it can never exist where one partner, withdraws and attempts to manipulate the other into acts and fancies that titillate their inner desires. It becomes a corruption of the soul, a denial of all that True Love intrinsically stands for, and moves from the highest virtue to the basest vice in a single moment.

A fashioned Love is barely Love at all, and if it did exist at one time, it now was doomed to fall. As we observed in the previous article, the manipulative Torture, for torture is what it most definitely is, by those who would use the devise of Romantic Love as their instrument of torture as opposed to say a rusty scalpel or a Dentist's steel spike!, is simply a socially contrived outrage, that seeks to control, manipulate and deceive by way of a 'Hidden' Process of physiological viciousness, the like of which is akin to the worst atrocities of barbaric torturers that history has ever contrived to create. The French the master Torquemada in this bastardization of manipulation, masquerading as 'Romantic Love'.

The French Femme has considered this manipulation of Love, this wielding of divine Power to be her birthright, her shield, armour and cutting edge in the battle between the sexes. In so doing she has debased True Love in favour of a fashioned simulacrum of love, easily manipulated and equally easily controlled and maintained.

Yet this is not Love, this is merely Power. A Machiavellian Realpolitik of the emotions. A form of manipulation and control. All those who fall within this sphere of influence may be beguiled, and fooled into believing that they are in love, but in fact what has occurred is that they are simply being out gunned in an area of emotive development they can neither fathom nor forgo. The hook being firmly embedded in the cheek, by this skillful sports fisher-woman.

Of course there will be those that insist lovers can be led around like Bulls by the nose, when a ring is put in place, and of course it may well be that a one way love of sorts exists for the poor soul who finds themselves bound to such a cynic. But this is not a mutually coextensive Love, a True Love between equals, it is but once again a Power play, used to the advantage of the loveless avarice of a deceptive and malicious manipulator.

How can Love exist within a culture, where women are taught and schooled in the artful manipulation of men, through the medium of pathos and emotion?...where this very manipulation goes to the heart of the culture as a whole, and is celebrated as a national identity?...when this very manipulation is a death note to the authentic and sincere expression of the innocence of True Love. Where this socially condoned manipulation is the death of poets, and those with artistic and empathic sensibilities; the death of lovers; and the death of innocence and authenticity.....and the medium of that death is a contrived and socially convened form of clandestine Torture.

It cannot be.

Is it not time for the French femme to lay aside her arms, and take up the fragile banner of honesty and Mutual Passion, and set aside the impassioned manipulation of an age long struggle, in the same way as the French man has had to embrace the pathos of the heroine in his struggle for an authentic totality of being.

For in this war, as in all wars, the only real victims are the innocent, and none was ever so innocent as true love.

The fear of course for the French Femme is that passion will be lost in a watered down concoction, but this emancipation, and liberation of Love will not amount to any loss of passion, if anything it will redouble, for finally there will be an equal music in the rhapsody of two authentic lovers embellishing one another in innocent surrender. Allowing True Love itself to grow to ever greater heights free from the fettered manipulations of an emotive Realpolitik.

I began this piece by asking the question "Does 'True Love', Truly exist in France"?...In truth, i am sure it does, undoubtedly so, and of course 'True Love' will always find a way no matter where it finds its expression, but as a national identity, surely it is time to liberate France from a manipulated Love, embracing the equal humanity that comes from an authentic and sincere balance of power, and allow 'True Love' to express itself freely in France once again.

En matière d'amour, de liberté, egality, l'humanité

© Richard Michael Parker 2009