Thursday, 16 February 2012

-If You Should Come To Me In Dreams-

-If You Should Come To Me In Dreams-

If you should come to me in dreams,
let o'er the ages we have loved come with you,
that we might sweep aside the discontented streams,
and swim the starry night from out the blue;

To find that in some hallowed cloistered light,
where rivulets of love in us did grow,
a torrent of each mighty loves delight,
should merge upon this rapids overflow;

Then fall into some chasms chute, the chastened,
will dance a fervid epiphanic tune,
a swirling maelstroms dip in them that's hastened,
two sprites entwined beneath a lovers moon.

If you should come to me in dreams,
Let o'er the heavens be our palettes sweep,
upon a canvas mild and of extremes,
a masterpiece of love both true and deep.

Let not dull Morpheus, with opiated ear,
bear down upon two souls brief kept apart,
but hold upon this love both far and near,
awaken to our dream from whence we start.

For i have loved you all these distant eons,
and ne'er have i turned my heart to stone,
this love, the strongest of adhesions,
could never leave the two of us alone.

Far flung across a sea of stars connected,
each one conjoined, traversing starry night,
to raise a love once lost, now resurrected,
this rainbows arc across some hallowed flight.

If you should come to me in dreams,
come with a kiss, and my lips shall part for you,
a succulence of passions bliss,
a token of this heart made true.

© Richard Michael Parker 2012