Saturday, 5 March 2011



There is sadness in your eyes, hope too,
and all the while this enveloped sensibility,
wrapped in a blanket of blue...

You have born the taunts of the frozen heart,
the severity of winter blasts,
hoar frosts biting into your fleshy soul,
so cold it seemed as if your passing had arrived,
yet still you stood tall,
unbowed by those glacial winds,
the cracking moments of icy expansion,
threaded between the leaves of  your soul.

Would springs dawn never rise?
Would those stark and barren skies,
never fill with the yellow song
of  this Suns gentle ray?
How long you have waited,
an endless season of barren despair.

Yet, hearken to the larks sweet note,
as it sings upon a green bough,
made bright by this Springs new dawn;
As if  in some ecstatic rapture,
to dance upon an air, a rhapsody entranced!
Wake up!, wake up my love...
awaken from the ice ensconced,
to bud upon song,
the thaw from out the frozen night.

Melt into me, my love,
flow into this warm skins touch,
with a torrent of bliss,
and know that this frozen death is ended,
with sunlight's first kiss.

Slip into this warm morn's light,
shed those frozen shards,
past remnants of that frigid night,
and know the soulful soak,
of love arisen once more,
The golden promise of spring returned,

© Richard Michael Parker 2011

Artwork by Peggi Meyer Graminski

Friday, 4 March 2011

Spring Rise

-Spring Rise-

Cold winds are broken, bees song in flight,
swollen with pollen, engorged with sunlight;
New buds that welcome, warmth formed anew
dawn-lights first token, soft mellow dew.

The ice that enfolds, a life's hidden embers,
melts all around, a heart that remembers;
The seasons roll round, on Loves subtle rainbow,
shoots spring from ground, whilst winter is laid low.

On cool crisp clear mornings, we push and move fast,
on hue speckled dawning's, we grow from the past;
If in our days, we trace birds sweet song,
natures new ways, sure to turn all along.

The winds that blew icy, from climbs that were colder,
signal times constant dance, in the rounds one loop older;
Cherish this gift, life's love freely given,
as your heart springs anew, with a soul freshly risen.

For this cycle that wheels, with and without us,
subtly feels, all the lovers and doubters;
With natures fresh kiss, a breath, softly spoken,
close your eyes and you'll miss, dark nights spell that's broken.

Arise and renew, walk in fields lush with clover,
be as one sky that's blue, for deaths storm now is over;
So when in the dusk, we recount loves first sunlight,
rest assured that with hope, we may sleep safe the long night.

© Richard Michael Parker 1999

Monday, 28 February 2011

Not Alone

Not Alone

When all about is blue
and the way forward doesn't seem so clear
remember that light within you
that same light that is within me too.

When you are caught in the depths of despair
and darkness seems to be your only friend
remember you are not alone
so open your eyes, to see i am there.

When you struggle for breath
in the bottomless waters, gasping for air
and feel this impending dread as if it were death
press your mouth to mine and i will breathe for us both.

There is sunlight behind every cloud
even in the night, the stars shine
and in reflections upon that mirror
remember in that echo
the dawns rise comes in silence and surety
in the quiet of that silent place.

You are not alone, you have never been alone,
you will never be alone...
© Richard Michael Parker 2011



There was joy, the sun streamed in,
love flooding every vestige,
laughter too.
Then the creeping,
the imperceptible loneliness,
the washing tide of sadness,
this... madness;
Slipping into the dark hours,
like a shadow in my night,
a blinding of the light.
Slinking in the back streets
of some memory left in retreat.
Sitting on a hillside at midnight,
the distant lights fading,
until all that is left,
is a faint heartbeat,
and the murmur of a cold wind.

© Richard Michael Parker 2011