Monday, 28 February 2011

Not Alone

Not Alone

When all about is blue
and the way forward doesn't seem so clear
remember that light within you
that same light that is within me too.

When you are caught in the depths of despair
and darkness seems to be your only friend
remember you are not alone
so open your eyes, to see i am there.

When you struggle for breath
in the bottomless waters, gasping for air
and feel this impending dread as if it were death
press your mouth to mine and i will breathe for us both.

There is sunlight behind every cloud
even in the night, the stars shine
and in reflections upon that mirror
remember in that echo
the dawns rise comes in silence and surety
in the quiet of that silent place.

You are not alone, you have never been alone,
you will never be alone...
© Richard Michael Parker 2011

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RMP said...

Artwork - 'Sunrise by the Ocean' - Vladimir Kush