Saturday, 17 July 2010

No Words

No Words

Floating endlessly in this nascent cocoon,
you are a part of me and I you.
Endlessly at first,
drifting in a cosseted harbour,
growing in slumbered attachment;
muffled laughter, flowing into me,
with all the knowledge of that endless sea.
An accord of harmony;

when time was ripe, you urged me out.
Flowing ever onward, you pushed me into this reality,
severing a cord that in our souls could never be cut.

When I scraped my knee, you came,
plaster and sympathy, crumpets and tea;
We sat in fits of giggles, then sang,
as the sunshine filtered through our morning days,
and all around us the world,
which always seemed to turn because of you.

How can I speak of you?
When all the words cannot reflect this feeling in my heart, yet...

The day you scolded me,
and the world around me crumbled,
only to have it built again, as I grumbled.
With love and a soft awakening,
ever standing on firmer ground.
A hearts rift, this quake within.
Yet always my solid ground,
my rock of ages,
held firm through all my self possessed stages.

Through all those years of endless me,
you watched and waited, held my hand patiently.
Waiting for the moment to set me free.
Now it is i who must do the same for you,
into a passage dimly lit,
no shining beacon to beckon us through.

All those physical stages, a continuity of ages.
Casting off that line to sail upon that sea,
I realised that you and i will always be,
for you are in me, endlessly.
No separation of physical form,
could sever a cord of Noumenon born.
These Moments of transition,
change only circumstance and position,
but the continuity in our heart,
reflect accord's that never part.

You pushed me on a swing,
together we laughed, together we sing.
And tears too, we cried them both, when we were blue.
Yet now it seems i am left to cry alone,
to water a Garden of remembrance.
These tears that flow, they nurture memories that grow,
and blossom into flowers of passing joys,
so that all who pass bye,
marvel at the radiance left behind,
the splash of luminescence in my mind;
The perfume of you,
wafting delicately amongst this subtle rainbow hue.

And if harsh words were ever said,
let us put them to bed;
and recall that,
'no words that were ever spoke,
could ever measure these hearts we stoke',
or sever a cord,
this bond unbroken,
the fullness of this love unspoken.

For every living gift you gave,
echo's in these thoughtful ways,
a living monument to thee,
a bond in love, forever free.

No words,

No Words...

© Richard Michael Parker 2009

Waiting for the Morning Light

Waiting for the Morning Light

I lay,
stroking battle scars and break;
just one more step, before this morning wakes,
these reminiscent memories can stay,
when sunlight breaks this spell im weaving,
its ok...
this star just cannot stop,
in something new,
a picture...
of a memory of you,
i take...
along with every passage i have known,
ive grown...
accustomed to these trials by night,
i fight...
between the gaps and spaces in my mind
to find...
that starlight shines beneath these covered walls,
and falls...
upon the reminiscences we take,
and shines in an illuminated sight,
at night...
when all i did was stroke these battle scars,
and break...
forgetting all the starlight as i lay
waiting for the morning light.

© Richard Michael Parker 2009

Friday, 16 July 2010

A Timeless Intimacy

Timeless Intimacy

Time challenged me to gaze upon desire,
my own soulful pyre,
This insatiably fickle and fleeting sensuality,
pulling me deeper inside its reality.
Caught in the rip of my own mental fire,
a roaring flame that never seems to tire.
A Lover,
sating desires riven heart,
the shore upon which my yearning cries no more.
and from this bank,
where time trickles,
along a constant stream,
the heartfelt ripples,
like in a dream,
pulling me into an endless tide,
to melt as one, side by side.
Time and self enjoined in flowing dance,
the dips and swirls, The rhythmic twirls,
preeminently caught within a trance.
Deeper into the currents of those heedless waters,
I am joined,
An Intimacy in deed,
not some wanton fleeting need.
So we, caught within this sinusoidal spree,
moving endlessly,
towards some fathomless bottomless sea,
to rest, in some immortal priapic breast,
or captured by some pirate vice,
and stuffed into a chest.

Oh Brother time, or what is glimpsed of him,
ceaselessly twirls his eddying locks,
Erupting from the womb,
like some transcendent immortal fox.
Time, Matter, Energy,
mirror each other endlessly,
Dancing longingly, to that tuneful revelry,
the endless game,
The chastened tail,
all the same.

Cast upon these waters,
Bobbing on the surface of an illusion,
a grand chromatic dance,
a happenstance,
this soulful skin,
beckoning me in.

A Surrender and a Trust,
nestled in powers,
both great and small are trussed.
Incredulous to the last,
no great power comes,
but by great Farce...
for time is dear,
both in worth, and in fear,
and brother time is yearning still,
caught within the shimmering deception,
of his own mourning sea,
heedless of that ever loving heart,
in Unity.

An Intimate time,
born of a Lover,
turned from this mind into another,
washed through a stream,
a gift bespoken,
for timeless intimacy,
is this hearts true token.

© Richard Michael Parker 2004

Thursday, 15 July 2010



Sat at the waters edge,
blossom delicately falling.
A fragrance of you
wafting through the rivulet's
of my mind,
mixing with the sweetness
in the warmth of the late afternoon
skipping between the dappled sunlight
in the light spring air
the dance of soft shimmering leaves
brushing there velveteen skins, deliciously
blowing gently through these soft perfumed skies;

Beloved, whom i have loved always
swim with me
swoon in an endless embrace
through a timeless sea.
entwined in innocence,
we shall plunge forever
into eachothers eyes
to swim immortal and free
enraptured through all eternity.
For I will be your Daphnis
schooled in loves delicate arts
to sweep in infinite waves
through your soulful body;

Beloved, fly with me
through all the skies
that Heaven's art did shape
across this great panoply of stars
past every moonlit stream
where two lovers fragrantly kissed
beneath a blossoming chestnut tree
to lay down upon sweet silken petals
beside some babbling brook
a gentle breeze, to ease
this foreign sun's touch
upon delicate skins embrace
as we, float as in a dream
across this timeless place;

Beloved, like Chloe, you came
delicate and demure
as i leant upon my rustic staff
lost in a haze of you,
staring into an endless distance
a dream made only for two.
Bare foot and stealth
in surprise you came
stroking my neck and soul
with your supple lips
a gentle kiss to remind me
of all i had missed;

Beloved, sit with me
by this stream,
and in sips, we shall drink it dry.
© Richard Michael Parker 2009 

Artwork by Peggi Meyer Graminski

Wednesday, 14 July 2010



I sat Resigned,
flicking through the remnants of my mind,
thumbing every page i had designed,
and for a moment i could forget,
leaving every artifice of regret,
on some distant lonely shore,
a pebbled wash, lapping, leaving me with less,
no more;

How do i leave behind a memory that hasn't even happened yet?
some token gesture of a future echo tinged with regret?

I spun a web,
and danced upon the silken spinneret's design,
allowing the sunshine to flash across its line,
splashed with forgotten dew drops it had caught,
salty issues,
the heartfelt tissues it had taught,
skilfully schooled in this art,
torn apart.

And for a while that future seemed to smile upon me as i absently forgot,
then you smiled at me across a sea, leaving me to suffer my half remembered lot.

I built a wall,
these towers seemed so stout and tall,
guardians to keep the fates without,
shattered now by a simple glance,
like some heated lance, searing into my heart,
ending all resistance from the start,
every block bursting from its place,
like some rational disgrace,
Love's new tool,
the fool.

Where can i even breathe again, without this longing overwhelming me,
feeding an ache so deep, its timeless quake shall never set me free.

I died today,
and though i parted from this world,
cascading into places i was hurled,
this resonant destruction follows me,
always,in all ways,
to meet me in another dawn's release,
an endless torment that does not cease,
some divine mystery,
will it ever let me be.

Why could we not have met, was it so calamitous a wish?
and now im left the hunger,with no food upon that dish.
a starving soul, left only the ache,
an endless longing,
in a bottomless hole.

© Richard Michael Parker 2009 

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

The Mermaid of Zennor

The Mermaid of Zennor

Tousled locks of brine filled tears
a yearning heart through all those years
was swept upon that sun-clad beach
beyond the swelling tidal reach
and there, she lay beneath those rocks
and wept into her briny locks
her heart, which seemed to burst apart
with every sobbing moments start
did flood her inside out with grief
from which there seemed yet no relief
for though the sea's from eyes departed
no solace for the anguished hearted.
so there she wept for countless days,
resigned to loss in endless ways.

The sea it crashed upon those cliffs
and drowned the heartfelt wailing rifts
until in sombre Luna light
the sirens song did haunt the night
and all that heard those lilting sobs
were moved beyond all earthly mobs
and drawn into the briny sea
where sang the mermaids lilting plea
The love she had endured so long
a sorrow in that plaintiff song
was dashed upon those rocks laid bare
and filled her with a dark despair
it seemed this sea would never end
for she had lost her love and friend.

Just then up to the ragged edge
beyond the tawny tattered hedge
along the winding path above
appeared a saddened morning dove
he peered into the crags below
with warmth and heavens loving glow
on wings that seemed to hover brightly
sent down a heartfelt balm so lightly
it settled in her sombre heart
to calm and ease the waters smart
and stopped the ruddy briny flow
from out her pea green eyes of woe
and so she lay in sleep her tresses
to rest that beached sirens distresses.

The lamentation eased with sleep
and calmed her inner woe so deep
that now, and all at once did seem
that love returned within a dream
and standing there upon the shore
he shone delight for ever more
and she half dazed but unbelieving
was swept half crazed in sweet deceiving
for in her heart betwixt that rift
a bright angelic dawn filled gift
did weave together the wounds once more
and stem the bleeding wanton score
until the song she sang was sweet
and murmured through the waves replete.

So beauteous was that song now sung
like harps and chimes in heaven wrung
that every creature near and far
was drawn upon that sweet sea star
and so it was that he would come
along that winding cliff face glum
for he had suffered too it seemed
and found his heavy feet now dreamed
of flying from that cliff faced ledge
onto the surging waters edge
to dash this broken hearted woe
upon the rocks there down below
and end this crushing dark despair
with broken bones left lying there.

but lo, in drifts rhapsodically
this honeyed fluid harmony
did enter his dim downcast ear
upon that ledge that he was near
and as he stopped to hear that tune
mellifluously all too soon
he found himself half descending
along that path a spell unending
until at last on placid shore
beneath the white cliff chalke'd Tor
he stood before her shining flanks
amongst the creatures gathered ranks
agape, he wept such tears of joy
the aural salve, sweet songs employ.

Then in his own dark laboured heart
he felt deep rancour now depart
and gazing through her tousled hair
he spied a face of beauty fair
then knelt upon the sandy shore
his hope filled heart and sweet L'Amour
and while the waters lapped around
the sirens dulcet honeyed sound
did weave a spell of such delight
it shone resplendently so bright
that even kith and kin at sea
did join the song angelically
creating in those cloistered corners
a heavens balm for downcast mourners.

From night to day in Zennor's reach
upon that golden blessed beach
the two forlorn and slighted lovers
were healed beneath angelic covers
he sat becalmed, and braided locks
her silken hair amongst the rocks
until one blessed sun filled morn
alight the soothing fulsome dawn
did open up her eyes made new
and peered into his own of blue
it was as if in that sweet spell
two wounded hearts escaping hell
were sewn into each others own
so long this love inside had grown.

For in her daze and seeric sight
was woven future love filled light
for she now understood the score
and said goodbye forevermore
to past loves lost and half remembered
those echoes of a heart dismembered
and as they kissed in bliss, departed
she awoke to new days started
into his arms embraced so tightly
two heartfelt souls did tremble lightly
smiled, then kissed, while locked in stare
angelic loves born brightly there
upon that shore they formed new life
and she in time became his wife

Forgetting grief and woe before
into there arms with love and more
the sirens song a gift sublime
to herald dreams of future time
was played upon that shore-lined bliss
with heaven sent angelic kiss
embracing all this soul-filled love
that once was brought by winge'd dove
upon two souls both rent and weary
and sung together a spell most eerie
it healed each broken wanton heart
and freed the captive love to start
that man and souls did now adore
a mermaid fair of sweet Zennor.

© Richard Michael Parker 2009 

Artwork by Amy Knutkowski's 

Monday, 12 July 2010

Deep Waters

Deep Waters

I was Dreaming again last night,
how I might make the folly of my youth somehow right;
emotive tension found release in each heated exchange,
then I awoke, and found that my world had not changed;
I sought to quell that raging sea,
to struggle from haunting binds ensnaring me;
so I stared at the wall for a while,
then closed my eyes from the light,
forgetting for a moment
that the dye was cast in that second sight.

I drifted off again,
this time to find myself laughing, or so it seemed,
like some honeyed stream
carrying me away from that darkened dream;
awakening I was mellowed, but those doubts remain,
my circumstance is different, but the histories the same;
the context of our souls, float in a timeless sea,
each thought connected, transcendent, pitching endlessly;
future hopes measured like drops into that ocean,
swimming with the pasts half remembered deep emotion.

Thoughts billowing around the sails in my mind,
oh, to catch but a breeze, some fresh gust I seek to find;
whilst the feelings below, flow like eddy's past my rudder,
drift in timeless tides,
swirling whorls that make this vessel shudder;
and yet that laughters promise heralds a new day broken,
one which turns the tide to shores not yet spoken;
a placid sea with gentle zephyr easing me along,
some fine horizon found beyond, above, some gentle song.

Can it be that darkened thoughts turn one into another,
slip by these causal rifts, and form afar off sounding lover;
I turned around, and looked again at my door,
closed for now, like some restive pebbled shore;
knowing I could not stay inside that harbour gate,
only God, and searing sight, might know my fearful fate;
and so I climbed upon my craft and pushed off forlorn ken,
in search of futures distant hope, deep waters once again.

© Richard Michael Parker 2007