Monday, 12 July 2010

Deep Waters

Deep Waters

I was Dreaming again last night,
how I might make the folly of my youth somehow right;
emotive tension found release in each heated exchange,
then I awoke, and found that my world had not changed;
I sought to quell that raging sea,
to struggle from haunting binds ensnaring me;
so I stared at the wall for a while,
then closed my eyes from the light,
forgetting for a moment
that the dye was cast in that second sight.

I drifted off again,
this time to find myself laughing, or so it seemed,
like some honeyed stream
carrying me away from that darkened dream;
awakening I was mellowed, but those doubts remain,
my circumstance is different, but the histories the same;
the context of our souls, float in a timeless sea,
each thought connected, transcendent, pitching endlessly;
future hopes measured like drops into that ocean,
swimming with the pasts half remembered deep emotion.

Thoughts billowing around the sails in my mind,
oh, to catch but a breeze, some fresh gust I seek to find;
whilst the feelings below, flow like eddy's past my rudder,
drift in timeless tides,
swirling whorls that make this vessel shudder;
and yet that laughters promise heralds a new day broken,
one which turns the tide to shores not yet spoken;
a placid sea with gentle zephyr easing me along,
some fine horizon found beyond, above, some gentle song.

Can it be that darkened thoughts turn one into another,
slip by these causal rifts, and form afar off sounding lover;
I turned around, and looked again at my door,
closed for now, like some restive pebbled shore;
knowing I could not stay inside that harbour gate,
only God, and searing sight, might know my fearful fate;
and so I climbed upon my craft and pushed off forlorn ken,
in search of futures distant hope, deep waters once again.

© Richard Michael Parker 2007

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