Tuesday, 13 July 2010

The Mermaid of Zennor

The Mermaid of Zennor

Tousled locks of brine filled tears
a yearning heart through all those years
was swept upon that sun-clad beach
beyond the swelling tidal reach
and there, she lay beneath those rocks
and wept into her briny locks
her heart, which seemed to burst apart
with every sobbing moments start
did flood her inside out with grief
from which there seemed yet no relief
for though the sea's from eyes departed
no solace for the anguished hearted.
so there she wept for countless days,
resigned to loss in endless ways.

The sea it crashed upon those cliffs
and drowned the heartfelt wailing rifts
until in sombre Luna light
the sirens song did haunt the night
and all that heard those lilting sobs
were moved beyond all earthly mobs
and drawn into the briny sea
where sang the mermaids lilting plea
The love she had endured so long
a sorrow in that plaintiff song
was dashed upon those rocks laid bare
and filled her with a dark despair
it seemed this sea would never end
for she had lost her love and friend.

Just then up to the ragged edge
beyond the tawny tattered hedge
along the winding path above
appeared a saddened morning dove
he peered into the crags below
with warmth and heavens loving glow
on wings that seemed to hover brightly
sent down a heartfelt balm so lightly
it settled in her sombre heart
to calm and ease the waters smart
and stopped the ruddy briny flow
from out her pea green eyes of woe
and so she lay in sleep her tresses
to rest that beached sirens distresses.

The lamentation eased with sleep
and calmed her inner woe so deep
that now, and all at once did seem
that love returned within a dream
and standing there upon the shore
he shone delight for ever more
and she half dazed but unbelieving
was swept half crazed in sweet deceiving
for in her heart betwixt that rift
a bright angelic dawn filled gift
did weave together the wounds once more
and stem the bleeding wanton score
until the song she sang was sweet
and murmured through the waves replete.

So beauteous was that song now sung
like harps and chimes in heaven wrung
that every creature near and far
was drawn upon that sweet sea star
and so it was that he would come
along that winding cliff face glum
for he had suffered too it seemed
and found his heavy feet now dreamed
of flying from that cliff faced ledge
onto the surging waters edge
to dash this broken hearted woe
upon the rocks there down below
and end this crushing dark despair
with broken bones left lying there.

but lo, in drifts rhapsodically
this honeyed fluid harmony
did enter his dim downcast ear
upon that ledge that he was near
and as he stopped to hear that tune
mellifluously all too soon
he found himself half descending
along that path a spell unending
until at last on placid shore
beneath the white cliff chalke'd Tor
he stood before her shining flanks
amongst the creatures gathered ranks
agape, he wept such tears of joy
the aural salve, sweet songs employ.

Then in his own dark laboured heart
he felt deep rancour now depart
and gazing through her tousled hair
he spied a face of beauty fair
then knelt upon the sandy shore
his hope filled heart and sweet L'Amour
and while the waters lapped around
the sirens dulcet honeyed sound
did weave a spell of such delight
it shone resplendently so bright
that even kith and kin at sea
did join the song angelically
creating in those cloistered corners
a heavens balm for downcast mourners.

From night to day in Zennor's reach
upon that golden blessed beach
the two forlorn and slighted lovers
were healed beneath angelic covers
he sat becalmed, and braided locks
her silken hair amongst the rocks
until one blessed sun filled morn
alight the soothing fulsome dawn
did open up her eyes made new
and peered into his own of blue
it was as if in that sweet spell
two wounded hearts escaping hell
were sewn into each others own
so long this love inside had grown.

For in her daze and seeric sight
was woven future love filled light
for she now understood the score
and said goodbye forevermore
to past loves lost and half remembered
those echoes of a heart dismembered
and as they kissed in bliss, departed
she awoke to new days started
into his arms embraced so tightly
two heartfelt souls did tremble lightly
smiled, then kissed, while locked in stare
angelic loves born brightly there
upon that shore they formed new life
and she in time became his wife

Forgetting grief and woe before
into there arms with love and more
the sirens song a gift sublime
to herald dreams of future time
was played upon that shore-lined bliss
with heaven sent angelic kiss
embracing all this soul-filled love
that once was brought by winge'd dove
upon two souls both rent and weary
and sung together a spell most eerie
it healed each broken wanton heart
and freed the captive love to start
that man and souls did now adore
a mermaid fair of sweet Zennor.

© Richard Michael Parker 2009 

Artwork by Amy Knutkowski's 


RMP said...

St Senara is the mermaid saint of Zennor, an ancient Celtic princess who converted to Christianity, and was noted for her love of the sea, and was renowned for changing into and from a mermaid...Zennor, in Cornwall, derives its name from her. Her pre-Christian name was Princess Azenor of Breton, the mother of Saint Budoc.
This is my own interpretation of an ancient tale, told for Millennia in that place, of a love lorn mermaid and her long lost love.I had always wondered what had become of her, and was led to create a new beginning for this special sea fairy.I cant resist a happy ending! ;)

Raine said...

Such a wonderful poem for Her... and this haunting ancient tale Richard :) After visiting her village and listening to her story, I have to say how much I love your version ~ and ending ;) You have inspired me to go through my old photos and find her again and also to rexplore my love of Celtic tales :) x

RMP said...

My special thanks to Amy Knutkowski for the collaboration of this stunning artwork, Thank You Amy!!! :)

I would ask that you respect the artists copyright and not reproduce this artwork in any form without the artists express permission. More of Amy's beautiful art can be found at http://dreamtreehill.com/