Friday, 14 April 2017

Spring Cleaning

-Spring Cleaning-

They were sweet and torrential!... The fitful sleep of a carousel that whirls after long years of disuse; cobwebs swept from out darkened corners, the dust brushed and removed. From time to time I stop and pick up some fine bone china ornament or a decorative figurine, a memory of all that has been, and fly, but for a moment, into some long lost forgotten sky. Then all at once your suns deep ray shines it's ceaseless way into the recesses of my mind, and I am home again, the dust swept away in an instant as I open the window from whence you have shone your loving balm upon my soul. Spring cleaning is such a moment of bittersweet revelry, and though the songs of distant days echo their sweet tunes in fragrant hallways, half lit stairwells, nothing will quell the turning of the season, and the warm thaw of winters cool heart. I close my eyes and walk into your light, your warm fingers stroke these threads with imperceptible delicacy, a new day has dawned, and warmer suns beckon me on.

© Richard Michael Parker 2017

Monday, 6 March 2017

The Fisherman

-The Fisherman-

The Fisherman is the fifth volume of poetry by the internationally recognized poet Richard Michael Parker. This collection of 42 poems and 25 original digital artworks have been carefully selected to represent a story of love on a social theme. Many of Richard's previous works, are more notable for the theme of love that weaves itself within them, but this too is love. To be connected to one another in this story we create together, to be concerned and seek to manifest that love, not as eros, but as agape, storge, philia, the love that extends beyond the mere act of loving, this too is love. So in a way, this too is a book of love poems, only, centered on a more social theme, rather than the interpersonal love of his previous work.

'Speak the truth in your heart to those that matter,
while you can old friend.
For the ground is hard of hearing, and speaks in stones.
The dead carry the silence with them in the heavy earth,
and they are quiet enough, for all of us.'

Modestly priced at $3.99 for all E-readers.

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