Thursday, 17 November 2011



World weariness,
the heaviness of sacrifice and waiting...
the beaten down heart,
that longs to feel the giddy spinning wheel of love
flow through every gate.
To dance replete,
a joyful song
resounding in the meadows of childhood
lost for too long.
To meet,
reborn in the arms of life's living love,
the tender mercy of God's great gift
to each and every one.
A mate,
to measure this timeless gambol and gate,
to skip in sweet line,
from this moment
to forever resigned...
to know joy once more,
to fly upon diaphanous wings into an open sky,
twirling in the sunlit presence from above,
in gossamer airs that only two may know,
in love.

© Richard Michael Parker 2011

Tuesday, 15 November 2011



Sweet supple lipped blossom,
of love gently given,
resplendently shines now,
in two hearts arisen.
For when in the morn
we remember the lark,
with hope and with love,
we kindle that spark,
and find in each day,
that follows the night,
souls that have wept
now dance in the light,
swept up together,
to slip in sweet time,
to the rhythm and pull,
of natures sweet rhyme.
My supple lipped blossom
of delicate hue,
this fragrance of poesy,
delights in just you.

© Richard Michael Parker 2011