Friday, 15 November 2013

A Hymn to Love and Health

-A Hymn To Love and Health-

I wake to see your starry face,
a deft smile, an imprint of grace,
sown into the fabric of this love.

There is magic in the air,
and all around, in fairy dust and angels wings,
swims a tune, a revelry of love and hope,
that beckons light to sow in you,
a seed of blessed health and hue;

Then awoke, from pallid fright,
two lovers warmed beneath a golden bough,
delight, in loves rekindled embers,
trussed, these gentle limbs embraced,
the future faced within a kiss, remembered.

To wake, and in that dreamy place,
to taste of life between these lips,
enfolded in the balm of dancing fingertips.
The morning ray, softly banishing the shadows,
the fated death of all those darkened slings and arrows.

This salve, of bless'd mirth and joy,
divinely wrought, does employ,
the twinkled eye of love returned,
fine fettled bloom, this lesson learned.

© Richard Michael Parker 2013

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Little by Little...

Little by Little...

Felt the distance so greatly today,
like a yawning chasm,
strung only by a thread,
threatening to suck me down
into the fathomless depths,
where no light invades.
A gossamer strand the only bridge,
shrouded in mist,
unable to see from whence to where.
Time stretching out in wisps,
the haunting of every joy dismissed.
Little by little the distance kills us.
Like a thousand paper cuts to the soul,
tiny pieces, broken from the whole.
I miss your warm body next to me.
Awakening alone, in love,
like a stone rapt around my heart,
it seems too great a sorrow to carry,
too heavy a burden on so slight a bridge,
at any moment it could give.
This distance kills us in breaths,
the song of a thousand deaths,
sung in silence, with every fateful step
upon a bridge of endless length.
Only your sun lends it's warmth,
it's bright inner ray, cooling in the grip
of winters cold fingers.
little by little, the distance kills us...

© Richard Michael Parker 2013