Wednesday, 9 March 2011



Death is not the end,
it is only a brief pause,
while we catch our breath,
and those we have loved,
catch their tears but for a while;
The passing loss is hard,
but it too will pass,
it too, will suffer its own death;
but once it too has gone, do we forget?
Or, in remembrance,
does that life live again,
risen in our vision and dreams,
our laughter, joys, sadness, ever changed,
deeper sighs or happier schemes.
Let not the pain consume
the richness of our meeting,
the depths we dug into each others souls,
the joys of that arisen dawn,
but feel it, as I too feel it, for what it is,
a brief but bitter darkening of the night,
woven into this tapestry of light.
©  Richard Michael Parker 2011

Tuesday, 8 March 2011



In Might and Thunder you come,
in awe and reverence i see you,
hear you, within the quiet space,
in the whisper, in the silence,
in the breathe of air,
imperceptibly expressed,
a silent breath that begins a shout,
a sound so magnified,
the whole world trembles in its wake,
a thunderous roar felt within,
each trembling heart,
each shaken mind,
the lightening bolt of justice revealed,
within the deafening peal
of your thunderous roar,
as the wicked go under,
and those who have been misled,
bled, find mercy within that space,
the silence that follows,
in the numbing humility of your Grace,
let the sands move,
and time, sequence this Great Line,
from now unto the word defined.

 © Richard Michael Parker 2011