Friday, 14 February 2014

The Kiss

The Kiss

'The Kiss' is the second volume of poetry by the internationally renowned poet and digital artist Richard Michael Parker. This work is specifically collated for lovers the world round, with 40 delicate and sensitive romantic poems, and digital works of art specifically created for this volume of poetry. Richards first volume was received with critical acclaim, and the timing of this work for Valentines Day is particularly apt, as the work is full of romantic poems that both come from the heart and touch the heart in equal measure. Eros touches us all with his arrows, and the universal nature of romantic love makes this volume of poetry particularly poignant in a world that increasingly grows closer, recognizing those qualities of human character that unite and define us. These works remind us that those defining qualities are often deeply sensitive and though they be intensely personal, still there is a universal understanding that we are all subject to the arrows of love, no matter where we are or what the difference of our circumstance. Perhaps Richard says it best, and so I shall once again, leave him the last word:

'We are mortals in frail skins, but we have immortality within, it flows through every vesicle and vein, whenever we are in the mesmeric grip of that dazzling cherubim, and it is as well to remember those first heady moments whenever doubt, or the deceit of manipulating minds, calls with the card of forgetfulness. Never forget, always remember, Love glows anew, when you blow on it's ember.' - Richard Michael Parker

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