Sunday, 27 June 2010

As if in a Dream...

-As If In A Dream-

Today I awoke but my soul stayed asleep,
unwilling to wake from a slumber so deep,
it stayed in my bed and under the covers,
and dreamt for a while of the laughter of lovers;

I watched as it tossed and then turned with a grin,
as I wondered what redolent joy lay within,
it was then that I found what really was lost,
for it giggled a moment, then left me the cost;

As emptiness stood by this bed it did seem
that my soul was enjoined by another in dream
and they slipped over each and the other a while
then salaciously turned, winked, and flicked me a smile;

I turned from that sumptuous halcyon scene,
and emptily trudged with a half hearted mien,
down a dim lit dark hallway that stretched on forever,
and tried to forget those souls spliced together;

Yet this echo of silence without and within,
resounds in my emptiness filled with chagrin,
for no light does shine brightly to warm up that place,
just a forlorn and somnolent vacuous space;

Then off in the distance, I heard two proud lovers,
revelling deeply beneath those sweet covers,
could it be that with Grace my soul will return,
hope in that space, where I currently burn;

So to sleep for a while, I shall cast down my eyes,
and dream that these tears and resonant sighs,
will water a garden, where two souls will meet,
and find what was lost, whole and replete.

Then when we arise from this slumber once more,
and find that our souls are entwined to the core,
we will live out this love as if in a dream,
resplendently risen in Dawns joy supreme.

Or am I still dreaming of you by my side,
and foolishly watching as time turns this tide,
that leaves me forlorn, alone on this shore,
recounting great love that was lost evermore?

© Richard Michael Parker 2009

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