Monday, 5 July 2010

Loves Long Lost Souvenir


Loves Long Lost Souvenir

fallen leaves
drifting in ruddy shades
through the blues in my mind;
all these fractured and fiery rainbows
shattered upon this forest floor
faint and sweet the smell of damp decay,
wafting through the perfumed passageways
where i lay
token gestures of you,
subtle souvenirs,
painted in a mottled hue...

Through the tree tops that sway
lugubriously in this breeze
softened shafts of Luna light
turn the tide at the end of the day
and all those fiery shades, shimmer
and gently drift away
slipping into solitude, once more
an echo of the silence that remains
the moistened remembrance
a swirling mist of loss and remiss
lost, long lost in this bliss
as we kissed...

For all those languished sighs and forlorn fears
the endless Yearnings and inconsolable tears
for every aching heart flung upon this earth
love lorn anguished howls of unrequited birth
for reddened sunken eyes that make this world a sea
and flood the tortured hearts of lovers endlessly
for all the token gifts left broken on this floor
crushed the flower petals underfoot forevermore.

Oh, Sister moon, swim with me a while
and caress these cares away
for you have born a million tears,
over countless years, upon your soul
sweeping in somnolent streams
forgotten loves and aching dreams
washed into an endless night
lost in a mist,
swept into a listless delight
to swim into forgotten seas
and with this breath, ease...
into a silver light
a gentle breeze...

Oh, my sweetest love
who shines upon me, longingly
reflections of a mirrored dream, illusions
swept into an endless stream
a passage of constancy
no judgment made or mistook, mislaid
nor torn the page from that ancient book
ever have you born with sufferance
in silence and repose
and soothed each sanguine bitterness
each severed bloodied rose
to echo into lovers dreams
the hope of yesteryear
the remnants of remembrance
Loves long lost souvenir.

© Richard Michael Parker 2009

Artwork: 'Her Darkest Hour' by  Izabella Blue


Akka b said...

Absolutely Stunning. I love the musical accompaniment.

RMP said...

My Humble and abiding thanks to Izabella Blue for the collaborative use of her stunning artwork, and beautiful cover piece. The link to Izabella's own blog is posted above.

I would ask that you respect the copyright of the artist and not copy or transmit this artwork in any way, without the prior consent of the artist. Thank you.