Friday, 23 July 2010

The Watchtower

The Watchtower

Let there be Thunder!...
as if the very bowls of hell had burst upon the world.
Let there be Lightening!...
the flashing vengeance of heavens fury unfurled.
Woe....Woe to every beast,
caught between the hammer and the anvils fiery feast!

...And in the chaos i heard a rumbling,
the sound of order construed,
exuding into formlessness,
a simmering virtual stew.
Birthing all that could be,
all at once, within me...
and at the tumults end,
there was you;

Born of a whispering breath,
a tidal constancy of birth and death,
dashed upon the rocks of despair,
flung into the very torment there,
swept into a torrents raging might,
a formless frightening pitiless sight;
Seething from within, without,
this fomenting rancorous din.

I held my breath,
and all at once, the void descended.
Yet, risen like a lark befriended,
this Sun, born anew,
did pull you from that fire,
the flaming mystic hallowed light,
his only hearts desire.

Two souls enjoined immortally,
to stand upon the very edge of that priapic sea,
inseminating all eternity.

The lightening rod of Gods new brilliance,
shone upon the witnesses, born only to convince,
the mass of huddled sparks,
that were drawn from out that hearth,
to join with all again,
and dance upon that path;

...And Thunder echoed on into a dazzling night,
the iridescent peels,
the flash of blinding light,
did come to me upon that watch,
a newly risen dawn,
the herald of divinity,
resplendently reborn.

© Richard Michael Parker 2010

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RMP said...

Artwork: 'Wanderer above the sea of fog' - Casper David Friedrich ; housed in the Kunsthalle, Hamburg.