Friday, 20 August 2010

Foolish Romantic

Foolish Romantic

What need the world of fools such as i,
cars, money, and intimacy simply pass me by,
scoffed at by every twinkling eye,
and in the end merely left on the sidelines,
saddened, alone, and shy.
Every success reserved for hardened hearts,
or the blessed, and the grand,
or the ruthless desperado's at the start.
Not a glance, nor a simple kiss to cherish,
left only this island of solitude on which to perish.
No trust from the good,
who see the darkness in my eyes,
nor from the bad,
who try to hide their bitter lies.
Left to walk this razors edge,
a scornful rancour,
heaped upon a truculent pledge.
I walk alone,
the edge grows ever sharper,
i cannot stop,
a choice made ever darker.
Though sometimes in that dark,
i make my mark,
a searing second sight,
of resplendent futures,
dazzlingly bright;
yet now, just now,
this loneliness seems to me too much to bare,
without a soul beside me to even care,
how, or why, or even where.
A simple caress, a gentle kiss,
and all the sensate intimacy i miss,
A cost so great, this cut so deep,
the chosen fate seems all too steep.
What need the world of fools such as i,
a foolish romantic,
couched within a never ending sigh.

© Richard Michael Parker 2010

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Anonymous said...

Oh so sad..I really almost close that my chest heaved but I caught it and came back to my reality