Sunday, 8 August 2010

The Lonely

The Lonely

The aching heart of the lonely
mouthed in words of sombre tones
housed by walls
loves soft emollient
a soothing smile, a fluttering lash,
a gifted guile, a garland sash,
a giggle, a grin
laughters softened chin.
depths unfathomable solitary confinement
made the deeper
by loves memories and refinement,
holding hands upon silken sands
a look, a glance,
a book, a dance
memories to cherish
on dark lonesome nights
I perish.

© Richard Michael Parker 2010


Artwork by JoyusLion


RMP said...

My Very great Thanks to JoyusLion for her stunning collaboration with this moving work entitled 'Reality'. Thank you Joy!

More of Joys wondrous work can be found at

I would ask that you respect the artists work and copyright, and not reproduce or copy this art in any way, without the prior consent of the artist.

Thank You

joyuslion said...

They are perfect together Richard!!!!! Totally stunning in vision and thought!