Sunday, 31 October 2010

Winter Sun

 Winter Sun

As morning breaks,
shattering the dreams in this lonely place,
and your warm delicate hands,
slip beneath the covers,
moistened fingertips,
sliding over my soul, your skin;
It is I who feels each tender stroke,
the tremor within.
As your body opens to the memory of me,
entering a suckling reminiscence,
licking at the peeks,
and slips over the fullness of our love,
the fire that enters you, enters me.
When you walk in that distant place,
along the narrow paths of memory retraced,
your feet tread softly upon my heart,
and sink, slowly into me.
A wanderlust of bare feet,
soft pads pacing an endless retreat.
When that ache of longing stirs,
in the womb of our warmth,
it is i who stirs, within you,
yet in absent silence,
I am Winters cold sun,
a light without fire,
shining warmth on no one,
but you.

 © Richard Michael Parker 2010

Artwork by Leonid Afremov

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RMP said...

My Kind Thanks to Leonid Afremov For the Collaborative use of his haunting and thoughtful Oil Painting 'Winter Sun'. I would ask that you respect the copyright of the artist, and not reproduce this in any other medium , electronic or otherwise without the prior consent of the artist. Thank you. :)

More of Leonid's work can be found at