Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Love is a Gift

Love is a Gift

Love is a gift,
unwrapped in the giving,
tied in a bow of surrender,
clothed in a package of trust.

It slips between the fingers of a grasping hand,
and drips upon the heartfelt ground,
at times soaking us in pools of desire,
muddying the earth on which we stand,
a bog of desperate flight,
an endless race in which we tire.

In the desert of the greedy heart,
it weeps between the grains of a shifting sand,
and slakes no thirst.

It cannot be captured or withheld,
nor forestalled by any wall or tower,
such is the omnipotence of its power.
It flows through every yielding heart,
and conquerers every demon,
every viperous snake at the start.

In timeless transcendence,
it sparks the fervent seed,
once planted, held gently,
grows beyond every wanton need.

In the fabled land of love,
light adorns every corner,
no shadow is cast,
but by the objects of our own design.

As we glide between the spaces,
the unfettered places.
These gaps we have created
between the remnants and the walls.
Love shines.
Its golden light, playing,
between the columns in these halls.

As we dance within its glory,
flickering in the light,
of our own allegoric story.

The mottled sanctuary of every soul,
is born between the shadow and the light,
and peers out behind a curtain, cut,
for eyes that seek respite from that night.

In the darkness, a pinprick of light,
is all that is needed to beckon eyes that have opened.

Love is a gift,
unwrapped in the giving,
a revelation without demand,
a sweet intoxication of the spirit,
infused with the perfume of its tenderness.

© Richard Michael Parker 2010  

Artwork by Peggi Meyer Graminski


Anonymous said...

Beautiful Richard (as usual) Yes, it relaxed me..even had my own images but the painting and Debussy's music was like the cherry on top.
Thank you.

RMP said...

My deepest and warmest thanks are given to, and lavished upon, the delicate and beautiful Art of Peggi Meyer Graminski. Your eye and touch Peggi are sumptuous and refined. Thank you.

More of Peggi's artwork may be viewed @:

I would ask that you respect the copyright of the artist, and not reproduce or copy this work in any way at all without the prior consent of the artist, thank you.

ArtSnark said...

wonderful :)

Thanks for stopping by with your kind comment. Best wishes for a creative day!