Friday, 25 February 2011



Beneath the sullied waters,
deep, in the muddy mire,
comes an airy stem,
a searching tip of fire.

It struggles at the first,
from out that messy space,
then floats upon a dream,
into some hallowed place.

We think that we may drown,
before it breaks the surface,
then find that just by letting go,
it rises through its own grace.

And when it sits atop,
that still and bright new day,
the petals open up,
in some heavenly display.

How can it be that such as this,
could come from out that place,
such beauty grown within a womb,
from slime and past disgrace.

It is the truth of all great things,
that from the dark and sallow,
can come the sweetest petaled wings,
a light from out the shadow.

And you who bore such misery,
and kept that flame alight,
sweet perfumed gift of lotus bloom,
you are God's great delight.

© Richard Michael Parker 2011

Artwork by Lorraine Sumners


RMP said...

Lorraine Sumners exquisite and deeply sagacious artwork 'Lotus Rising' adorns this simple poem, and i must Thank Raine for her ever inspiring work, which is always thoughtful and crafted with deep care. Thank You Raine. <3

More of Lorraine Sumners sublime artwork can be viewed at, please take a look.

I would ask that you respect the copyright of the artist and not reproduce this work in any way at all without the prior consent of the artist, thank you.

Raine said...

With loving thanks to you Richard ~ for touching me deeply with your beautiful Lotus poem and inspiring this latest artwork...
I love how your words speak to those tender and hidden places within, coaxing them inexorably towards the light. Bless you for your gift and generosity xox said...

siMply quite BeAutiFuL

Phù du said...

Magnifique ! Merci beaucoup Richard !


RMP said...

Thank you Phu Du :)