Saturday, 17 December 2011

Touched by a Muse

Touched by a Muse

Cradled in a golden basket of love,
rocking gently,
amidst the slow waves of light,
caressing my soul,
in a fathomless sea of delight.

This beauty you spin,
weaves such a delicacy of silk,
i am spooled within, cocooned,
by the deep warmth of your embrace.

A coadulation of grace,
effortlessly soothing this ache,
a balm from out the remnants of remiss,
eased in gentle strokes,
upon the furrowed brow of this darkened soul,
a calm sea in which no heart can break.

Casting off the mooring lines of resentment,
we sail into this holy light,
a divine rapture, poetic and transcendent,
freed in an instant from that melancholic plight.

Beguilingly entranced by this flight,
cast upon a cerulean sea,
you make of me, a guileless craft,
and all i can do is clasp your wheel, breathlessly.

Knowing nothing but the warm zephyr of a soulful breeze,
brushing with fine fingers through silken hair,
billowing within these sails you have hoisted,
the soulful air, of all those suns you have cloistered,
released, in the gift of your touch.

Shining upon a timeless sea,
lost in a phosphorescent tranquility of love,
I burst upon your shining waters,
and play upon the dips and peeks,
the slapping tide of loves ebullient dance,
shimmering in the golden light of this new dawn,
the joyful epiphany each breathless moment seeks,

And slow; We flow upon a honeyed stream of poetry and dreams,
never to know, the broken hearted weariness of woe,
or so it seems.

A revelation redeemed,
the sanctity of grace avowed,
christened in the freedom of this kiss,
the ever loving tenderness, of thou,
a bliss, touched by a muse,
perched within a golden bough,

© Richard Michael Parker 2011

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