Saturday, 3 March 2012

-The Broken Heart Bleeds the Reddest Blood-

-The Broken Heart Bleeds the Reddest Blood-

He said:
'It is a beautiful mystery my love,
you and i, together, are a part of it,
with our hearts connected,
within the great art of it...

Nothing we could ever do,
would ever change a word of it,
for the truth of it... my love,
is that, love, is all of it'.


Don't you know that I'm breaking,
coming apart at the seams,
cracking in every one of my dreams,
and as the shards fall to the ground,
your shadow light blisters through the cracks,
bathing me in an eternity of you.

I hate that I love you,
to feel this pain drag me around,
smash me to the ground,
leave me lost where you are found,
and all the while left to wonder,
how you ever got so deep inside my soul,
wound around an endless staircase,
descending into a bottomless hole.

Every day I resign to break free,
as I make a new pledge,
to split apart, to rip out my heart,
to tear away the remnants of this haunting,
and in the moment of my triumph,
you come, with just a word,
and I am lashed to that mast again, unheard,
smashed in a torrent of loves tempest,
all conviction routed,
every direction doubted,
swept into the deep,
left in a heep, of this love...

You are all of me,
and in your soul I drown,
sucked down into the abyss of you,
into the endless soulful deep
of your fathomless blue.

Breathe for me my love, please god! breathe for me.



I heard you say...
or was it I?
It seemed so very far away.

"Wait!... but don't wait for me"
for I am gone, and drowned,
my heart turned out,
spilt into this endless sea...

"Wait!... but don't wait for me,
for the broken heart bleeds the reddest blood".

© Richard Michael Parker 2012


Ed Pilolla said...

enjoyed your poem and the video very much.

RMP said...

Your most welcome Ed, the poetry and artwork alone i can take credit for, but alas the video is a companion piece of another's construction.