Saturday, 31 March 2012

How can I be without you?

How can i be without you?

How can I be without you?
What is a bird without a wing?
Or evensong, without the nightingale to sing?
How does a fire burn on air alone?
Or this fruit taste so sweet,
apart from the good earth,
from whence its seed is sown?

No man is born whole into this world,
each a separation,
torn from out the womb of love,
bearing the locket and the hope,
deep within his breast,
the remnants of that fallen dove,
a memory, caged and crushed within his chest,
the burden of the unconfessed.

Silently fearing the terror and the dread,
to walk upon this earth, the walking dead,
searching for naught that can be found to atone,
for the loneliness, and the bitterness of the dark,
save by the hollow in that stone,
the stark remembrance of the coddled silence,
all that fate, or God alone has left him,
in the remnants of the yearnings left unsaid.

How can I be without you,
my soulful love, your living loving art,
the breath of me, whispered through your heart,
This unbridled passion, not even God could forget.
For when the sun has arisen,
who amongst us can say it has set?

© Richard Michael Parker 2012

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