Sunday, 1 July 2012

Loved by the Moon

-Loved by the Moon-

In the pale light of a burgeoning moon,
swims the soul of eternity,
wound around each lovers swoon,
to capture sighs, and set them free.

The flickering dash of painted clouds,
shrouds each tremulous motion,
as hearts and lips enjoin, avowed,
to swim this endless ocean.

For in that summers breeze doth blow,
the remnants of forever,
alight upon a sweet tableaux,
these spirits trussed together.

Cocooned, the dappled love filled light,
transforms each whispered murmur,
into a nightingale so bright,
its song does sing sweet ardour.

A rhapsody of risen wings,
that sweeps into this glory,
two hearts on loves sweet fluttering's,
resound an ancient story.

Where psyche and her sweet amour,
united in devotion,
regale the host with true loves law,
entwined in winged emotion.

For as the Larks first notes rang true,
and dipped the moon with grace,
the brilliant dawn arose anew,
to shine on loves new face.

© Richard Michael Parker 2012

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