Wednesday, 29 August 2012

A Chinese Theme

- A Chinese Theme-

Chinese lanterns illuminate the passing hours;
The Lychee tree in the centre of our garden
dances in the crackling light of the bonfire.
Souls melt into silverine flowers,
scented with the air of Magnolia blossom.

Racing clouds surround the fullness of our moon,
the silver echo of the dipping suns might,
slowing down, illuminating all to swoon,
portentous figures flicker in delight.

Inside out, we turn the remnants of the past
visible at last, and pass the parcels between each other,
one to another, thrown into the flame,
a phoenix rises, unfettered and unchained.

The Emperor, Empress'd, blessed in this loving union,
unhindered and free, archetypically entwined are we;
Cascading rivulets of love, overflow the cup,
no gate, nor dam to stem this loving tide,
all demands and expectations laid aside.

A star shines in the heavens, illuminating the mark.
fingers delicately held, we turn unfurled, begin to dance.
Entranced, the following of ages, the flood of grace;
captured in the joy that shines upon your face.

Fire art bursts upon the sky, the twinkle in your eye,
mirrored in my own, showered in this love,
resplendent in this garden we have grown.
The shadow and light, the giddy delight of petalled wine,
supped in merry revelry; A zither sings,
the heart-song, of all you have become to me.

Moon, dips below the soft pillow,
dawn breaks, between the lark and the willow.

© Richard Michael Parker 2012

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