Friday, 19 October 2012



Even in the fullness of your moon,
nothing was left unsaid,
nothing left undone.
We walked the path that led through the heart,
to greet that ever loving Sun!

Isn't it strange,
that the moment a person is gone,
is the instant you know exactly what they meant to you.

I will not cry bittersweet tears for you my love,
for never having said how much you meant to me,
for never having tried,
nor shown how deeply you lived inside.

These tears that are shed, sing your name,
the naked spark, that set this heart aflame.
Perhaps, only a few will fall,
wondering whether you believed me at all.

'...And if i had died,
and were gone and dead,
what was it you could not say,
that you wish you might have said?'

© Richard Michael Parker 2012


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