Saturday, 6 October 2012

Footprints In The Sand

Footprints in the Sand

Lost in these deep sighs,
the soulful resonance of the not so wise.
Reverberations of love,
rippling in emanations of surrender,
the folded capitulation
of the tender and vanquished heart.
Each wave a crescendo dashed upon the shore,
a swirling dance beneath the moon and the maw.
So soon, this sweet invasion,
the warm and subtle invitation of a palpitating love.

Basking in the glory of an imaginary sun,
the creeping warmth of a coddled womb,
radiantly swept upon this silken strand,
and all too soon, the seeping truth,
rolled and naked, breaks upon these wet sands,
the rocky crag of discontent hissing in the darkness,
castaway in silence, the aching solitude of a torpid defiance.
The crack of memory, fading, smashed upon your rocks,
this foaming discontent, seething into the depths of your tousled locks.

Bright stars mimicking the foment of your glistening touch.
A slow and easy awakening, soft focused eyes,
caught within the rapture of this shallow breaths tide,
the hollow heart, filled with the glow of this new suns love.
From whence did you come? And just as quick,
retreat into the depths once more,
howling with the rumbled heart,
the fury of loves gale,
swept across this wild and barren shore.

Oh heart, full and shining with ancient rhyme, 
how long it has been since you sang,
how silent the world before your chiming bells rang.
Tremulously caught between the brink and the tide,
sunken footsteps, planted upon my heart,
your slender fingertips, eased between my own.
This wreckage of solitude, strewn into the cavernous depths,
the fathomless deep, of all that was left.

Fading footfalls, washed into a licking tide,
the remnants of remembrance of all that we tried to hide.

© Richard Michael Parker 2012

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