Sunday, 24 February 2013

Come Be A Tree...

-Come Be A Tree-

Come be a tree...
Come sway lugubriously in the summer sun.
Come play in a zephyrs touch, at close of day,
when all the work is done.
Come drop your leaves upon my feet,
to stand, naked and replete,
proud in the winter snows,
a velveteen squirrel snugly nestled upon your nose.
Come drop your acorns into my earth.
Grow these wild sapling loves,
deep in the silent belly of my girth.
That we might flame upon this wild sky,
an iridescence of cupidity,
entwining green limbs,
enmeshed in fiery autumnal hues,
the majestic ruddy screams,
spitting upon the cool reach of those ancient blues.
Come float into a dream,
the snowy mountain pass whistling in a breeze,
the restive silent comfort of the midnight frozen tree.
Come rustle in the wind,
when the lark sits proudly upon your bough,
the golden dew sparkling in loves dawning sky;
Come fly, when springs budding blossom,
pollinates your hair in a swirling heady dance,
the supple maelstrom of this dizzy dappled trance.
Languidly creaking in a sunlit kiss.
The moon rising between each silent limb.
A nightingales song enraptured in bliss.
Come ride through the seasons in silence,
to watch the world swim in giddy motions.
The somnolent dipping cycles,
of our own deep emotions.
An ant crawling upon a limb.
Come be a tree...
The elegant timeless simplicity,
each breath, a pause,
a gentle swing upon a bough,
these cycles of eternity,
the simple truth,

of me and you,
and I in Thou.

© Richard Michael Parker 2013

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