Sunday, 3 February 2013



True love knows no end,
nor does it know a beginning my friend,
for it was, even before you discovered it,
even before it had opened your eyes,
with it's infinite tenderness,
or the passion of it's fiery blow,
corpulently born in the belly of the world below,
had rifled your senses,
and shot you through with it's fire.
It was here before you had even acknowledged it's presence,
and will be here,
long after the remnants of your desires have faded;
The final vestige of your will, sacrificed,
burnt upon it's holy funeral pyre.

It flows through the infinite soul,
where time is not linear,
connecting it's seconds through meaning,
it's hours in associations and feelings.
Eons pass, in fragmentary breaths,
love, woven between the gaps in the stillness.
Forgotten souls,
people and events, rediscovered,
the secret thread of life uncovered...
Eternity, is but a moment,
a breath in the light of loves blessed truth.

How many lives do we live?
How many times do we meet those we have loved,

Eternity... Yes!
It is a beautiful word,
and the space between each sound
every syllable that has been heard,
is filled with the steeping waves of love,
washed upon a shore,
the silence and the certainty,
together, evermore.

© Richard Michael Parker 2013

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