Friday, 15 March 2013

Another Mans Sorrow

-Another Mans Sorrow-

If I could have reached out to that young man, reading lines from an old mans eyes, the sorrow of passing lives, snuffed out in an instant through those bleak manifested lies. I would have taken his hand, and spoken softly with eyes fixed, a gaze unbroken, and simply said: 'Remember, it all means more than you will ever know, even if at times it may not seem so. Be careful as you go, and try to learn how not to walk in another mans sorrow.'
© Richard Michael Parker 2013

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RMP said...

"At least I try, lonesome or not, to do my Job. And if sometimes I find it tough, it is because it mainly takes place in the quite dreadful intellectual society we are living in, where it is a matter of pride to be unfaithful, where the reaction replaced the reflection, where you only think with slogans, and where maliciousness too often enacts intelligence.

I am not one of these freedom lovers who want to dress it up with twice more chains, nor am I one of these servants of Justice who think that the only way to promote it is to bound several generations to Injustice.

I live the way I can in a miserable world, rich of its people and of its youth, temporarily poor in its elites, only seeking for an order and a rebirth I believe in.

Without true freedom and some kind of honour, I cannot live." - Albert Camus (22 janvier 1958)