Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Beneath The Banyan Tree

-Beneath The Banyan Tree-

Asleep beneath a banyan tree,
my head resting upon your soft smooth belly;
I heard the warbler tell of springs to come,
of journeys to be taken, frolics in the sun.
Then, in that warm and restive age,
we drifted for a while,
and flew into the branches, hand in hand,
and with a smile,
we picked the choicest ripest fruit,
the succulence of love, full lipped,
the sweetest flesh was sipped, salaciously above.
Then filled with mellow fruit,
a golden glow swam from each face,
and down unto the ground,
we drifted once more in that place.
To settle, so it seemed, into familiar repose,
your heart beat in my ear,
a fragrant sweetness to your nose.
We turned both very slowly,
glimmered eyes one to another,
and smiled a gentle while,
each finger locked into its lover.
The birds within the branches,
sang sonorously above,
while naked down below we lay,
entwined in golden love.
The seed, it grew again in flesh,
and birthed a blessed tree,
the gift we bring to all who dream,
our love divine and free.

© Richard Michael Parker 2013

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