Saturday, 28 September 2013

Come To Me In Silence

- Come to me in Silence-

I love when you come to me in silence;
Though all the birds come with you,
to shower down a rainbow of sound,
with each kiss of opalescent hue;
A rhapsody of lark song breaking through the veil,
as I awaken to your tenderness,
your lips, a shower of feathering bliss.
How strange the absence,
when the last silent wing has flown,
your soft hair, departed from the pillow,
there, where I lay my hand,
between the crook and the hollow,
your resonant warmth summoning me still.
I awoke and looked for a moment through the window,
the last ray of summer, dashing through the cloud,
wondering whether winters cold fingers would be so proud,
or huddled in a mass of softened skin,
would this rainbow still shine,
in the crystal breath of January's frosted pane.
How blessed this kiss, that melts the frozen heart,

A shower of gentle rain,
the dappled iridescence of loves bright rainbow,
born again.

© Richard Michael Parker 2013

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