Sunday, 25 July 2010



A glance.
Furtive flashings of innocent surrender.
A touch.
Skin mimicking skin,
the silken embrace held softly within.
A sweeping grace.
A kiss.
Tentative lips embrace,
sensate as breath mingles with breath.
The soulful stare,
dilating pupils laying spirits bare.
Blushing cheeks,
undulating peeks.
Enfolding fingers made bold,
sliding souls in yielding folds.
A butterfly lashes erectile hair,
sensate flashings of sensual care.
Each breath, a tingle without and within,
dancing upon joys softened chin.
Legs that slip softly side by side,
engorged nipples that cannot hide,
the sumptuous gaze,
silently speaks of love beyond this sensual craze.
A yielding,
reciprocated trust,
contrasting cravings craven lust.
Intimacy, a soulful gift,
Its key remembered,
true love can never be dismembered.

© Richard Michael Parker 2003

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RMP said...

'The Kiss' - Gustav Klimpt, housed in ├ľsterreichische Galerie Belvedere, Vienna, Austria.