Monday, 27 September 2010



Did you wonder where we had gone?
did it cross your mind,
as you crossed the road,
buried in your feet and thoughts,
at the middle of your intersection.
'I wonder where the patter of those footsteps has gone?'
the ones that used to walk beside me,
sometimes racing ahead,
at times shadowing me,
like the back hoofs of a slow horse.
Well, We are all still here! attached;
Stopping the traffic,
removing the obstructions,
guiding folks around you as you walk,
with your head down low...
peering through the earth at the sky on the other side.
if you look up,
you just might find the same sky,
but see it from a different point of view,
and if your lucky,
and if the earth hasn't moved too much,
while you've been away,
you might just see me too.

© Richard Michael Parker 2010 

Artwork by Julie Bergmann


RMP said...

My humble thanks and very great pleasure to have worked with Julie Bergmann on this piece, you are a constant source of inspiration, and your photography is sublime, thankyou! <3

More of Julies wonderful photography and art can be viewed through the link above.

I would ask that you respect the copyright of the artist and not copy or reproduce the artwork in any way without the prior consent of the artist, thank you.

Raine said...

Beautiful thoughts and words ~ as always ~ and the accompanying image and music compliment your sentiments so perfectly... Thank you Rich
L xox <3