Wednesday, 22 September 2010

From across the sea

From across the sea

In mists of Autumns echoed grace
unto a warm and hallowed place
a rose both kissed and grown in love
was sent on winged steed above
and carried to a far flung land
to fall into a lovers hand
on dusty shores of earth and blood
reminding her of loves first flood
for though this man is far away
his heart beats in her chest this day
and shows itself in each sweet petal
a silken bliss of raptured fettle
Two lovers yet, both kept apart
did beat with one triumphant heart
in time to be enjoined again
their Sun and Moon united then
for fate would not allow two lovers
to suffer under single covers
or dash upon the rocks their hope
so once betrothed, they would elope.
Remember this in times of sorrow,
each petal silken sings 'tomorrow'
and weaves a scent of sweet design,
recalled within this bloom divine.

© Richard Michael Parker 2010 

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Artwork: Nude fixing hair - Pierre Auguste Renoir