Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Malgre Tout

Malgre Tout

One drink,
One more i say!
One more to quash
and wash
the smell away.
The acrid odour
of loves mephitic sway.

-Do i love you?

And i loved you!-
Hanging there,
I care not,
I do care,
all words fallen deaf and lame,
never the same!
-And i loved you!

My Drink?
Poison i think,
or some bitter tasting longing,
that sucks lugubriously
from that festering sore,
where once a heart wept.
-And i loved you!

who bore the semblance of a muse,
and fucked me heart,
me soul-
Till as virgins gush,
the spanking babe was dust,
all hidden,
Blown by loves farce and smitten.
-And i loved you!
I love you.

© Richard Michael Parker 1987

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