Thursday, 28 July 2011

The Dancer

The Dancer

The Ebb and Sway
firstly this, then on again that way
the swirling dips, fulminating slips
erupting from your core
the stirring heart beat of life
pouncing from the womb once more.

This dance that we are set within
cleaves to the moment
abandons past hopes
forgotten dreams,
futures slopes
and speeds upon a wild hearted stream
to plunge into a river of sensual light
a frenzy of liberty and delight.

Leap upon that tide
and know in that instant
no point exists, no line,
no straight and narrow
no course of artful design
just a giddy glory
a sweeping surging rush
spiraling within our own fervent story.

Seek the fire
let loose the flames inside
that you may leap upon a cool sky
and raise your soul upon its sanctity, high.

Know the abandonment of care.
Dance upon a pin,
and in that infinite space,
that timeless grace, within,
explode into the air,
with joy, with love
with no fear.

for the music is set
and waits for no one.

© Richard Michael Parker 2011

'The dance of love' by Leonid Afremov

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RMP said...

My Kind Thanks to Leonid Afremov For the Collaborative use of his beautiful and powerful Oil Painting 'The dance of Love'. I would ask that you respect the copyright of the artist, and not reproduce this in any other medium , electronic or otherwise without the prior consent of the artist. Thank you. :)