Saturday, 30 July 2011

A Flood of Love

A Flood of Love

I lay supine,
your grace washing through me
like a flood of love divine
knowing only the moment of surrender
as the gates open to a light reborn,
soft, and tender.

Awash in a flood of love
that fills even the darkest spaces,
banishing the harsh word
the truculent grime,
so that for a time
not even pain can enter here.

A release of each anxiety
every darkness washed from the core of me,
as we swim into this dazzling sea,
I in thou, thou in me;

And in that place,
where the light surges through the gates
flowing into every memory I have known
soothing each space into which I've grown
I find myself dissolving into a unity of you
that spreads through out my universe
my subtle inner view
until all that is left of me,
left of this vestige of you,
is a splash of luminescence,
painted upon a canvas of dazzling hue.

You do not come from without
you do not echo in some doubt
you do not flood me through my eyes
or ears, or nose,
but through the deepest sighs.
An eruptive eminence of delight
streaming from within
born to some second sight,
a flood of love
caressing me with light.

And there in that place,
I open my eyes
and see the world once more
turn upon its tide
a remnant of the vision
of the radiance inside.

© Richard Michael Parker 2011 

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