Thursday, 4 August 2011

Loves Embrace

Loves Embrace

The lightening and fire,
within each soul,
a sated desire,
two halves made whole.
This hearth is rekindled,
to burn through the night,
where once it had dwindled,
a phoenix in flight.
For this earth that rises,
as heaven descends,
embraces each soul,
like a long lost friend.
A largess of the spirit,
each gift a sweet token,
of a love that was found,
between two hearts bespoken.
That met in the midst,
of this body, my bridge,
and flowed with a suppleness,
over each ridge.
Until all that was left,
of this barren stark place,
was a bright and effulgent,
sweet poem of grace.

© Richard Michael Parker 2011

Artwork by Rassouli

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RMP said...

Many Thank to Rassouli who painted this gorgeous work, entitled "Love's Embrace". Please feel free to visit