Sunday, 11 September 2011



In your absence I have taken a lover
she is dark and endless
she wraps me in the deepest night
and holds me firm against her bosom
safe from the rancour of false hope;
A cosseted harbour of meaningless ennui,
I sink into her silent depths,
and feel all light fade.
She demands nothing of me but complete surrender,
and I, knowing only forlorn shades,
am consumed by her lust.
Darkness is her name, despair another,
hopelessness and wanton care.
I sink endlessly into her frightening folds
and I know she will never leave me,
a constancy of dark resolve.
In your absence I have found another
or was it that she found me?
I no longer know, nor care,
I only know that you are not there.

(RMP) - 9-11-2011

© Richard Michael Parker 2011

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ArtSnark said...

wow - well said. Love the image too