Monday, 19 September 2011

As a Man

As a Man

As a man who weeps,
i do not want to be one of the numberless numb,
the half lives,
casting faint shadows upon the earth,
searing themselves only onto the surface of things,
skin deep tattoo's, of them and us, and you.
Instead, let it be said, i branded your heart,
as the fires wept from your eyes and bled.
I may not last as long,
this song may not sound as sweet,
and the anguish may overcome me in the end,
but let the fire of passions zeal, my friend,
seal a searing brand upon this world from out my soul,
and on this land, may the waters of my tears,
shed over all my years,
flood the sacred blossoms of tomorrow,
a perfumed testament,
to all my aching loving joys,
and sorrow.

© Richard Michael Parker 2011

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RMP said...

'Jesus wept' ... artwork by James Jacques Joseph Tissot, housed in the Brooklyn Museum.