Wednesday, 5 October 2011



The dawning epiphany, in the end,
when all is burnt away,
and into the mouth of hell you descend,
believing there is no other way.

When the darkness consumes all,
and your eyes have lost there sight,
in the depths of that endless fall,
in the pit, you will find a light.
It was not born, nor sent, nor created,
it has always been in that place,
and only in love is it sated,
for that light is a heavenly grace.

We create what we desire,
we either fly upon the wind,
or descend into self serving fire,
it is a choice, and it's yours my friend.

For everything that you have ever known,
every place and every time,
every season in which you have grown,
every step of fateful design,
has simply been a choice,
between the dark, and the light,
between the silence, and the voice,
between your day, and your night.

There are many paths.
Some filled with joy,
some are painful,
but we all get there in the end,
and for that, my friend,
I am grateful.

© Richard Michael Parker 2011

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