Monday, 3 October 2011

What do you see...

 What do you see...

A reflected sunlit dream,
carried in a stream, of sunlight,
across a world,
reflected in a mind, of a girl,
ghosted upon the outer limb of a tree,
a branch of humanity,
born within a memory.

Where do the colours go,
when all else has faded?
and we are left floating in a snapshot of time,
swimming in a summer sun,
upon a swing of our own design.

You looked upon that bough,
bright youth swaying in the wind,
as the glass between us,
an evergreen testament,
to this passage of constancy, gleamed.

Transparent souls, forever separated,
shielded from the wind swept touch of time,
a silver envelope of light,
captured in this moment,
a sacred memory of rhythm and rhyme.
© Richard Michael Parker 2011

Artwork by Drunk Love Heart

1 comment:

RMP said...

My very humblest gratitude to DLH- AKKA B- for her wonderful Image and tireless poetic encouragement and inspiration. Thank You.

More of DLH's work can be seen on her own fabulous blog, , stop in for tea and musings, it might change the way you see your day! :)

I would ask that the Artists copyright be honored, and that no copy be made of the image without the express permission of the artist, thank you!

'Poems are the secret fabric of our existence.... the beauty of the process is allowing oneself to trust the mystery. Poets are mystery trusters.' - DLH :)