Friday, 25 November 2011



When you find yourself in that dark place,
and the breath leaves you for the light,
and you wonder where you might
catch a breeze again,
a silent ease, to lend a helping hand,
a gust, to take you to some other land,
look no further than a simple thought away,
for I am there, with light and air,
and in that moment of consummate loving care,
you will know, you are not alone.
Breathe my love,
For I am with you, always,
your hand in my own,
souls forever lifting one other,
until this breath that we share,
picks you up, and as light as air
sweeps you to the light,
a feathers touch,
true and bright,
always to know,
it is together, that we grow.

© Richard Michael Parker 2011

Artwork: Julie Bergman

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RMP said...

My deepest thanks to Julie Bergmann for the use of her sweet and gorgeous hand tinted image.

More of Julies wonderful photography can be viewed by pressing the link above, or alternatively at ...

I would ask that you respect the copyright of the artist and not copy or reproduce this image in any way, without the prior consent of the artist, thank you.