Sunday, 27 November 2011

A whisper that became a voice becomes a shout

A whisper that became a voice becomes a shout

It is all there,
whispers from the past,
echoes of the future,
the sounding bell of the present,
struck in your art,
the timeless tumult,
whispered within your heart.
Its soulful resonance,
waves rippling within a timeless sea,
this artful remembrance,
that laps upon these shores,
between you and me.
This whisper that became a voice,
an echoing cry beyond forever,
bound within this choice,
here, now,
becomes a shout!
shunning forever the silence of doubt.
Have no fear,
for love knows no bounds,
and in this heartfelt meld,
this soulful art echoes,
its eternal resonance resounds.
A whisper,
that became a voice,
becomes a shout,
in this digital realm,
of the heart,
your art will let it out.

© Richard Michael Parker 2011

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