Thursday, 1 December 2011

Dark Night

-Dark Night-

Let the lightening flash,
and the thunder roar,
the ocean crash,
upon the flailing shore.
Mighty is the roaring wind,
humbled is your heart,
the quickening of doubts rescind,
to beckon in this dawns new start.

The tumult rips asunder
every shallow heart at bay
and tears a ripping gash
along the shorelines scar'd fray
it does not ask permission
it demands the haste of need
and seeks out every fallow
worthless lying evil seed.

A choice forestalled is bound up
in the crack that forms the ridge
between two worlds, kept apart
beyond this crushing bridge
T'is better to descend one step
in time amongst a thousand
than find that by your actions
you have leapt from off the stanchion's.

One last chance to remedy
the mighty Kraken's power
a world left rent from out the sea
an unleashed fury in this hour
so heed this final warning
else your orchestrated slight
will find itself devoured
by a briny sea's dark knight.

© Richard Michael Parker 2011

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RMP said...

Artwork: 'Snow storm at Sea' - J.M.W.Turner - Housed at the Tate