Friday, 2 December 2011

The Heavy Hearted

- The Heavy Hearted -

The heavy hearted,
hanging their troubles upon the past
seeking a glimpse of tomorrow
wrapped in a swaddling cloth of sorrow.
Where do we find the motion
to sweep beyond the tidal pull of doubt
and simply remain in a place
where the light breaks the silence,
unchained from the manacles
we make, link by link.
Born into guilt,
blamed for all that we did not know
the sweeping years
the tears that flow
created now in remembrance
owned by our own choices
these dark and distant voices
of loss, and chances we mistook.
Breathe my heavy hearted friend
and know that in an instant of love
all those chains are broken,
the voices silenced
the chances retaken,
for no darkness exists without the light.
Open your eyes once more
and you will see me,

© Richard Michael Parker 2011


RMP said...

Artwork: Adaptation of inset from Dante Gabriel Rossetti's - 'Dante's Dream at the Time of the Death of Beatrice', housed at the Walker art gallery Liverpool.

Raine said...

Another perfect synchronicity of the heart for me Richard with your beautiful words and imagery :) What exquisite artwork you have created to accompany your poem :)...
Sending smiles and *sighs* of gratitude to you xox