Friday, 24 February 2012

Courage to Grieve

Courage to Grieve

There are those that sink in the mire,
believing that hate is their crown,
swallowed by all they desire,
without courage to openly drown,
in a pool of fire and blood,
washed out of a heart ripped asunder
to be torn in a chaotic flood,
decimated by lightening and thunder.
Yet they offer a gift to the wary,
lest you follow them down to that bane,
to deny all the grief that they carry,
is a load that is hard to maintain.
So they shuffle it off as they can,
to each person they see of the same,
and in concert maintain the great sham,
tied together the hobbled and lame.

The courage to know that with time,
perspective returns to the soul,
imbued with wisdom's dark climb,
from out of that perilous hole,
where the shock and denial led to anger,
and the rage it released was turned in,
overwhelming the heart with disaster,
loss of meaning, the hope was made thin;
A wisp of a thread woven slightly,
the delicate story unfolds,
spoken on airs that drift lightly,
into ears, as your fingers lose hold,
believing below you will plummet,
the fear in your heart is misplaced,
as anxiety reaches its summit,
crescendo's of love come with grace.

If you believe that your freedom,
is maintained by running from love,
then descending down into that kingdom,
You will lose both the key from above,
and the one that allows you to know,
that beneath the dark ominous skies,
in the place of great darkness below,
is a path through a door without lies,
that transmutes each pale wanton sorrow,
and breaks every link in that grief,
replaced with a light from tomorrow,
blessed hope, the great grace of relief,
where your heart is reborn in a rapture,
and sits in a breast pure and gold,
to garnish each sweet blessed gesture,
with ebullient love new and old.

Have courage to sink into sorrow,
fear not the night of the heart,
though it feels like a dark empty hollow,
given time, will enlighten your art,
for even the fury and wrath,
that stretches the sinew of soul,
enriches each step on the path,
as the remnants and shards become whole.
So fear not the dark but accept it,
with a true loving open soft heart,
and know in the depths of your dark pit,
is a light full of love to restart.
Have the courage to suffer the torment,
while the denizen haters redound,
and your soul will arise from the foment,
to break forth in triumph, new ground.

© Richard Michael Parker 2012

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